Shadow (kagedreams) wrote,

FB Ch 91 draft

Well, a number of lines just won't settle down nicely in the brain for some reason so I'm not entirely happy with parts of the draft translation (that's why it's a draft, right??) but in any case, it's up. ^_^ Katsuya, Katsuya, Katsuya... my my. Where did Kyoko ever come up with the image of White being your colour?? Seems like black would be more appropriate. ^_^;;

In any case, looks like we'll be in for a painful chapter next time 'round. Most like Katsuya's death. Makes me wonder what exactly it is that Tohru fears; that closed door image that she always has - her mother locking herself away? It looks like Kyoko had Tohru when she was very young and so it's going to be really hard for her to deal with her pain on her own let alone dealing with a child who's also sad and confused. I guess that will have to wait another 1.5-2 wks though. Next release May 1. Gotta love National Holidays. :P

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