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Shadow [userpic]

FC2 Blog revisited :P

June 23rd, 2008 (02:10 am)

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A few months ago, I mentioned FC2 - a J web/blog service site. About a month ago, they sent out a notice that they've introduced a couple of services in English (and one in Chinese): the counter and the blog. Interestingly, the counter's language is supposed to be switchable between any of the three languages at will. However, the English blog service (alpha version) is only available for new accounts. (I'd been trying to find out if it were possible to switch a J account over, but apparently it isn't.)

In any case, for those who were looking for a freebie blog with no ads (unless you don't use it for >1 month and even then, sometimes it doesn't seem to get ads on it...) this might be a possibility. I've barely even begun to take a look at the E version, and it seems to be more limited than the J service but... It's still an alpha, so it'll take some more time until it's fully developed. :P

Whoops, and as I try something out, some functions that are 'accessible' aren't fully functional in English yet. ^^; I just added the 'friend this blog' plug-in to discover a 'blank' plug-in added to the blog and the original title for the tool in 'unreadable' gibberish (sic improperly read J-script). Yeah, there seem to still be a number of bugs there... ^^;;

And a minor aside... having a composter is proving interesting. ^^; We've been running into a number of 'can this be composted?' items, so it'll be interesting to see how this goes. ^^;; We're having to make some adjustments and it'll take some getting used to, but hopefully it'll work out. I'm just curious as to how much compostable garbage we create in this house. ^^;


Posted by: kitkabbit (kitkabbit)
Posted at: June 24th, 2008 02:56 pm (UTC)

mmmm. composting. well there is a great forum called www.mastercomposter.com. they can give you tons of tips. I actually posted on there some when i was actively composting and trying to get temps up to 100 degrees (which I DID do ^_^ yay!) Let's see. You can compost pretty much everything organic. I put in teabags, dryer lint, fish, grass clippings, every bit of veggie matter imagineable, i've also poured in old orange juice i was too scared to drink, tons and tons of free coffee grounds (which you can get at any starbucks), newspaper, paper from the shredder, used kleenex, cotton thread bits from the jar i keep by my sewing machine, even cooked veggies that i've had left over from kabobs. as long as you keep the pile active (turn it lots) it will pretty much eat up anything. and you should be seeing lots of buggies too unfortunately. you DO need to keep it watered (why pouring old OJ was fine) and turn it regularly. a very handy thing to have is a compost thermometer (for a while i used the digital grill thermometer fork thingy but the DH protested that vigorously). pretty much any paper goods (if in small enough pieces will act as a 'brown'. you want to mix evenly the ratio of browns to greens (fresh vegetable matter) so your pile will be happy. if you need more tips lmk, just email me- my username at gmail. send me the list of the can this be composted thing. oh yeah and this is awesome for turning the pile (i'm assuming this isn't a tumbler) http://www.gardenweasel.com/invention_success_stories/garden_claw.asp
its around 20 bux at home despot. makes it pretty easy ^_^ to mix it all up.

oh, and anything going on on the saiunkoku front? i haven't even been dling in a long time. just wondering.

Posted by: Shadow (kagedreams)
Posted at: June 25th, 2008 02:36 am (UTC)

Thanks for the tips. ^_^ Not looking forward to the bugs though. I'm definitely not a fan of the six or eight-legged kind unless they're well away from me. >.> Hmm... will have to make sure to turn the thing regularly. Right now, it's at the bare beginnings so it might take a bit to really get things going. ^^;

WRT Saiunkoku, not much on this end. I'm waiting for the latest novel to arrive so I won't know how things are on that end for a bit longer. ^^; I vaguely remember seeing something about vol 3 for the manga though, which I didn't order come to think of it. Whoops. ^^;

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