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FC2 Blog revisited :P

A few months ago, I mentioned FC2 - a J web/blog service site. About a month ago, they sent out a notice that they've introduced a couple of services in English (and one in Chinese): the counter and the blog. Interestingly, the counter's language is supposed to be switchable between any of the three languages at will. However, the English blog service (alpha version) is only available for new accounts. (I'd been trying to find out if it were possible to switch a J account over, but apparently it isn't.)

In any case, for those who were looking for a freebie blog with no ads (unless you don't use it for >1 month and even then, sometimes it doesn't seem to get ads on it...) this might be a possibility. I've barely even begun to take a look at the E version, and it seems to be more limited than the J service but... It's still an alpha, so it'll take some more time until it's fully developed. :P

Whoops, and as I try something out, some functions that are 'accessible' aren't fully functional in English yet. ^^; I just added the 'friend this blog' plug-in to discover a 'blank' plug-in added to the blog and the original title for the tool in 'unreadable' gibberish (sic improperly read J-script). Yeah, there seem to still be a number of bugs there... ^^;;

And a minor aside... having a composter is proving interesting. ^^; We've been running into a number of 'can this be composted?' items, so it'll be interesting to see how this goes. ^^;; We're having to make some adjustments and it'll take some getting used to, but hopefully it'll work out. I'm just curious as to how much compostable garbage we create in this house. ^^;
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