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Not a heck of a lot

So, yesterday ended up being a lost day as clumsiness and brain-death ruled. Fortunately, the worst casualty ended up being my pride more than anything when I accidentally (lightly) sliced myself on the mandolin when preparing a quick and easy dinner. It was only a light slice so it looks like my finger lost in a disagreement with a kitty. ^^; Unfortunately, it's acting like a couple of deep paper-cuts, so I've been careful about handling anything that could lead to unpleasantness (like lemon or salt).

Knitting was equally disastrous as I ended up tinking each row twice while my brain slowly caught on to the idea of functioning and following the pattern. *sigh* I made a whopping 3 rounds of net progress per sock. >.>

Talking to the male parental, we're thinking about re-doing the garden next year. I'd like to get a few more regular things in like carrots and maybe lettuce or cabbage, but... I don't want slugs, carrots are a toughie in this household (not much liked), corn got vetoed almost before I brought it up (disposal of the stalk...), which leaves...?? Carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, radish(?), zucchini(??)... ...I get the feeling veggies from the garden isn't going to happen and it'll be veggies from the farmers' market. ^^; Maybe I'll be able to try for some herbs or something instead. :P

And the city is selling composters this weekend, so we'll probably be stopping by and getting one. Don't know how the capacity will be for this house, but hopefully it'll work. ^^; I think everyone here's been thinking we need one because of all the vegetative waste that gets produced.

Ah well. Here's to tonight being more productive. At least I'm not typing one-fingered with my right hand as much today. :P
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