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Doujinshi, doujinshi, and more doujinshi...

Ugh! I think I've reached saturation point and then some. >.<;; How bad is it? The morbidly curious should feel free to take a peek inside. I wonder how many pages of GH doujinshi I've read over the past several weeks...?

Straight black title = read earlier
Blue title = read in the past 2 months or so
Red title = not yet received

8 of the 11 titles not yet read were received on Wed., so I haven't had a chance to get very far with them. ^^;

キャラメルリボン - 秋野ほなみ
(Caramel Ribbon - Akino Honami)

暁闇の夢~眠りの檻~ Side 1 - Dark Dream 106p
The SPR group stops at a small village as they make their way back to Tokyo from a case. Mai, Bou-san, and Yasuhara wander through the 'Doll Village' when Mai disappears.

暁闇の夢~漆黒の蝶~ Side 2 - Butterfly Dream 130p
It's winter, and rumours have been going around that if you see a black butterfly at sunset, you'll die before sunrise the next day. However, there's more to the rumour as Mai and the others find out. One of Mai's classmates seeks her help while Hirota and Nakai seek SPR's assistance. Things come to a head when Masako ends up becoming the next target...

宵夢~夜明けのアリア 138p
Scarlet Dream series - The SPR is asked to investigate an unusual 'sleeping sickness' at an exclusive retirement home. Unfortunately for Naru, he's not given a choice about the case as Head Office has already agreed to investigate. With no paranormal activity happening on site, the group expects they'll be able to leave soon when...

光夢~水鏡の花嫁~ 154p
Not yet read. Continuation from Scarlet Dream (not obtained yet) and requires more knowledge of the earlier story.

カラフルBOX~Missing~ 74p
Naru's lost his memory?! Naru's lost all memory of the Japanese branch of the SPR and the Irregulars. With Naru having no memory of the Irregulars or the part-time staff, and given Naru's attitude towards Mai, the Irregulars take Naru to task for being so cold towards Mai since she's clearly not feeling well while carrying his child. Mai neither confirms nor denies the Irregulars claim, but does surprise Naru (and Lin) later when Lin takes Naru to his apartment. Naru demands to know how and why Mai's in his apartment and learns that he'd apparently given her the key to his place some time earlier. Mai asks Naru if she should return the key, but Naru decides she can keep it for now. Mai then asks Lin about an investigation they were supposed to go on the next day, and Lin decides that they'll have to cancel it for now. Naru, however, sees no reason not to continue with the investigation...

カタコイ 82p
Not yet read

やくそくのあした 194p
- Water Moon - Mai's lost her memory, but even without her memory, she's still very much Mai. Getting frustrated and upset with Naru, Mai says she's going home and runs out of the hospital. It isn't until Mai's fled and one of the others remind Naru that she's lost her memory, that she has no means of going home. Trying to hide his confusion, Naru figures that Mai'll find her way home out of an animal's basic homing instinct. A few hours later, Naru goes home and finds Mai sitting outside his apartment building and takes her inside.

The next morning, Mai learns that the SPR office is set to go on a new investigation starting that day. Naru decides to leave Mai behind in Tokyo except Mai refuses to stay behind and insists on accompanying the others...
君のためにできること - Mai collapses at the office and is taken to Ayako's family's hospital. After being kept overnight for observation, she returns to her regular daily routine. One week later, she leaves a note saying that she's leaving home for a while, and that Naru shouldn't look for her...
やくそくのあした - Naru gets caught up in an accident and is taken to Ayako's family's hospital. However, when Mai gets to the hospital, she's surprised to find Gene awake in Naru's body.


Silent Doll 202p
Mai propositions Naru into 'seeing each other' in name only. She has no intention of ever getting into a true relationship, and who knows if/when Naru would ever do so. When asked why, Mai admits she wants a place where she can cry when she's lonely - she didn't want to impose and worry the others too much and figured Naru wouldn't change whether she were there or not. Naru agrees to her proposal and...

四辻鬼譚 98p
Not yet read. (Continuation of 十三段目の悪夢)

双恋 - Oneside Love Book 42p
Series of SSs with Naru and Mai both having feelings for the other but not realising the other reciprocates those feelings. Naru returns to England after Mai graduates from university when Mai decides to go to Cambridge for a graduation trip but doesn't tell Naru. The two end up meeting by chance at a cafe...

陽炎洋館 74p
The SPR goes to investigate a Western-style summer home where poltergeist activity is said to occur. While there, they find out that children disappear every summer in that area and their bodies are discovered at the end of summer...

Silent Doll~After Night~ 26p
It's been several months since Naru and Mai started living together, and Naru hasn't been sleeping well lately. That reason is...

淡夢~泡沫の子守唄~Act.1 114p
Scarlet Dream series - The SPR accept an investigation of a home where poltergeist activity has been occurring, but the wife says that her dead husband is protecting them. While nothing's supposed to have happened at the house, Mai has visions of a massive pool of blood in the hallway... TBC in Act 2 (to be released at 2008 Comiket?)

Romance-First Period:Engage 34p
Series of SSs - Naru's to return to England the following Spring. He asks Mai if she'd come to England, but she asks for time to think about it. A few weeks later, she tells Naru she passed a job exam and managed to get a job as a civil servant...

Once Upon a Time 170p
Lin accidentally adds sugar to his Dragonwell tea one night and ends up summoning the Dragonwell Tea Princess. As a tea princess, Dragonwell is to fulfill three wishes for her master before returning to the land of tea. If the tea princess grants people their wishes, who grants the tea princess her wish?

Romance-Second Period:Select 26p
Madoka's not happy with Naru after he failed to get Mai to come with him to England. Hearing how Mai took the civil servant exam after Naru asked her to come to England Madoka figures Mai had dumped Naru. (Romance First Period and Second period take place during the same time and depict different aspects of the story)

竜’s - 真田一至

顔のない悪夢 98p
A man from a small village comes to the SPR to request an investigation. Apparently all the children in the village have come down with an unusual syndrome - human faces have appeared on their bodies. At the same time, a waterfall nearby suddenly turns red as though running with blood. Intrigued, Naru agrees to the case, but Bou-san and Ayako are against the investigation.

悪夢は踊る 98p
Annoyed and frustrated with university entrance exam studies, a fellow student of Mai's discovers a shady mobile phone fortune telling site and wishes for her entire family to disappear. Shortly thereafter, she receives word that her family was killed in a major traffic accident. At the same time, things in Shibuya are unsettled as people are disappearing without a trace in the area...

森園深海 - THE FOOL

黄昏に啼く鳥の名は 154p
The SPR are asked to investigate an art gallery some strange incidents involving people who visit an art gallery. (only half read)

Seraphita - Rinko

緋月雪花 154p
Not yet read

Girl 114p
A ghost is said to appear in the chapel at a private Christian academy, and the SPR are asked to investigate. Rumours are spreading about what happens to those who see the apparition as the victims suddenly refuse to leave their homes.

Yasuhara's now in fourth year university, and Mai watches as Naru works towards getting him formally employed with the SPR. Thinking about her own future, she wonders if Naru will do the same for her when she graduates and if he considers her important to the office. However, Mai's uncertainties don't end there as she's even more insecure about her relationship with Naru. They've been sleeping together for some time now and Mai spends many of her nights at Naru's, but since he never expresses his feelings, Mai has no way of knowing for sure how he feels about her and their relationship. As Mai's uncertainties continue to grow, one of her friends suddenly disappears and rumours of her ghost appearing in the conservatory start to spread throughout her university...

赤い階段 178p
Third year HS student Mari and her father seek the assistance of the SPR. Someone's been banging on the front door to their apartment every night at a certain time. Six months earlier, another 3rd year HS student had been brutally murdered in the apartment building and had banged on the front door of Mari's apartment pleading for help. However, Mari had been too terrified to open the door, and she fears that the murdered girl's spirit is seeking revenge for what had happened...

お伽噺の後 122p
A child's grandparents come to the SPR to request an investigation. They're concerned over their grandson who seems to be acting a bit strange lately. Their grandson's parents died in a traffic accident 3 months earlier, but because of Kakeru's age, their grandson didn't fully understand what had happened. The grandparents sometimes hear Kakeru talking to someone when he's alone, and when asked if anyone else is there, he tells them that his parents sometimes come to play with him as do two young fox kits...

Nightmare of Butterfly 1, 2 162p, 194p
The son of a man famous for his production of the opera Madame Butterfly seeks the assistance of the SPR. His father's wives have each met with an untimely end within three years of getting married, none of which involve his father's actions. However, said father has once again become engaged, and the son is concerned for the bride-to-be's welfare. While investigating, the father suddenly takes an unexpected and strong interest in Mai causing his fiancee to become jealous.

Border Line 1, 2

Eternal Brothers 102p
Reprint of book published in 2003

Welcome back my master! 106p
The owner of a maid/butler themed cafe asks the SPR to investigate their shop. The Cafe recently lost their top maid and butler in an accident, and now, anyone who seems to show promise for taking the top position has been the target of various pranks at the shop. Bou-san and Yasuhara (and John?) engage in friendly competition for the top butler position (confident they can outdo any of the other cafe staff members), while Mai's the only female SPR member able to take part in the investigation.

High*Risk - Rinko & Tenca

Grenze 138p
Not yet read

砂上の楼閣 - Tenca

未完の追想曲 162p
Not yet read

過去の炎嵐(えんらん) 癒えぬ渇き
A young mother approaches the SPR seeking help for her 5 year old son. He's been waking up at the same time every night for several days wanting to drink water. When his mother or other family members try to stop him, he throws a fit trying to get to the tap. The boy's grandmother wonders if he's been possessed by a fox spirit but the family denies having done anything that would bring such disaster down on them. Naru refuses the case after hearing that the boy's father was one of the magazine writers the office had encountered after the Ryokuryou HS case. The father, then takes Mai hostage in the office and threatens to kill her unless Naru accepts the case...

SPR are asked to investigate a recently purchased summer retreat where the owner says extreme poltergeist activity occurs. Since there were no claims of poltergeist activity by previous owners, the group is very cautious as they begin their investigation. The likely cause of the manifestations is clear as is the reason. Despite their precautions, the spirit manages to break through the group's protective wards resulting in the loss of most of the equipment as well as a number of injuries. However, as the group takes stock of their current situation, they realise that Bou-san was knocked unconscious, but more importantly, Masako and Mai say that he "isn't there"...


Bitter; Sweet 42p
Two short stories somewhat NaruxMai. Bou-san invites Mai out for dinner and Ayako, Lin, and Naru end up joining them. The second is a brief scene in the midst of an investigation where Bou-san is stuck in the base watching Naru and Mai act(?) as a loving couple having dinner as the paranormal activity only occurs before couples.

緋色の涙 翡翠の骸 176p
Only partially read.

彌陀名号 80p
Masako's concerned over the site of one of her recent shoots. As a result the rest of the SPR and irregulars decide to take some time off and travel to the site and take a look. However, since it's not an official investigation, Bou-san tells Naru that if he wants to gather any data, he has to take care of setting the equipment himself.

逢魔ヶ辻 48p
Not yet read

Castle & Tower - 因幡うたぎ

月華美人 122p
Series of short stories. Bou-san exorcises a spirit, but before it's destroyed, the spirit manages to destroy the ward set up to keep the others safe during the exorcism and the last remnants of the spirit manages to run through Naru and Mai.

MWC - Mizuki Amano

コトノハ 82p
SPR investigate a high school where a number of students committed suicide by jumping from the window over the past month. Seven incidents occurred in one week, and all the students involved were from the same class...

人形師の夜1~3 58p, 42p, 42p
A woman requests the SPR to investigate her home. Relatives who enter the house disappear inside, and are nowhere to be found.

風の封印 74p
The school principal from a small village approaches SPR for an investigation. A number of students disappeared from the school after the decision was made to close the school and send the children to a school in a nearby town.

華回廊 90p
One investigative plus some SSs. Workers set to demolish a home claim to have seen the spirit of a woman in a kimono.


歌麿 58p
Not yet read

Violent Emotion 34p
Mai goes to visit the teacher who'd taken her in in Jr. H.S. after her mother died only to discover the house abandoned and the grounds badly overgrown. There she meets a gentleman who tells her he now owns the house as the couple living there were forced to give it up and were badly in debt. Mai spends time with the man over the next while as she seeks information about her former teacher and eventually becomes engaged to the man. Naru, learning about Mai's relationship, becomes upset as he realises that Mai's moving on from Gene and steals her away...


不実桃 138p
What if Momotaro didn't defeat a demon but was one himself? A young man comes to the SPR wanting them to investigate his family home. His fiancee claims that she hears voices at his home and that the peach trees there are in full bloom. However, no one else sees this or hears the voices.


musica - 月凪

緋桜 1 178p
Mai dreams of her father's death and wakes in a state of confusion. However, when Naru asks her what she saw, Mai refuses to tell him anything. Using school exams as an excuse, Mai stops staying at Naru's place from the next day. A few days later, the SPR office is asked to investigate a cherry tree that blooms once every 12 years. Naru realising certain commonalities between the investigation and Mai's dream earlier agrees to the case. However, at the end of the work day, Mai surprises him when she suddenly hands in her resignation. The next day, the client from the previous day has a change of heart and calls to cancel the investigation...

緋桜 2 180p


嵐ヶ丘 82p
SS: The SPR investigate a beach where a train is said to be seen running straight into the ocean on certain nights.
Manga: SPR investigates a high school where three graduates were involved in fatal accidents one month apart. The three students pictures, and only their pictures, were burned out of the yearbook in the library.

すこしずつ春 50p
- SPR investigates an apartment where women who enter one room in the apartment suddenly end up feeling unwell, but feel fine after leaving.
- Having successfully managed to get into university, Mai asks Naru for a present - a day off for him. When Naru gets up the next morning, he finds a note with itinerary, a map of the subway / train system of Tokyo, and a one-day train pass from Mai.


Transistor Idol

しつ3 ー 嫉 80p
Continuation of the Shitsu series. Dark story.

春のパン祭りは俺達が~ 22p
Gag/parody mangas
- Naru tries to get everyone's help in deciding on a b-day gift for Mai, but ultimately can't figure anything out, so offers himself instead...
- Mai finds an old ring on the floor in the office and picks it up. When she asks Naru about it, he admits he'd dropped it; the ring's supposed to be haunted and he was hoping it'd possess whoever touched it.


If 40p
If Gene had been there at that time... Mai dreams how things would've been different had Gene been with Naru when everyone first met at Mai's school. She then imagines how things would've been had Naru, Gene, Mai, Yasuhara, and Masako all attended the same school with the other members being teachers. The imagining all comes to an end when she gets caught on Gene's name. Naru's short for narcissist, but Gene...? Gene thanks Mai for the dreams and tells her that it's time for him to move on, but before he does, Mai gives him one last present. She lets him possess her body briefly so he can hold Naru's and her child...


ききたくないこと 34p
Mai bugs Naru saying she wishes he were more like Gene sometimes. Annoyed, Naru tells her she doesn't know Gene at all.

小野不由美 & 猫猫組

Partially read. Short stories of daily life of the various characters

801 Club - 本橋あやか

博士の周辺 50p
Naru and Yasuhara are away doing research, so Lin helps Mai with her English homework at the office. Mai ends up forgetting to bring her homework to school and emails Lin to see if she'd left it there. When Mai says she'll drop by during lunch to pick it up, Lin tells her he'll bring it to her school and will be outside the school gate at noon...
manga: Mai calls Lin for tea and finds him busy gathering information. Lin's compiling information for Ayako on stigmata. Mai teases Lin for being so nice, and Lin asks Mai to keep the work he's doing a secret from Naru. Mai tells him that there's no need to keep it secret since Naru's so busy with a paper that he completely doesn't notice anything else at the moment. Bou-san then arrives finding Mai in Lin's office. When Bou-san asks why she was in Lin's office, she says it's a secret and hugs Lin surprising the others in the office including Naru.

ある調査員の日常 10p
Mai attends one of Bou-san's live performances and ends up attracting some unwanted attention from his fans...

博士の夏 34p
One of Naru's sponsors comes to Japan and takes the office (Naru, Mai and Lin) for dinner on the river to watch the fireworks.

博士の努力 42p
3SSs and 3 manga.
- On the way back to the office from a case, Naru tells Mai to pick up the books he'd ordered from the bookstore. However, when Bou-san stops the car to let her off, she drags Naru out of the car with her.
- On the way back from an investigation, Mai sees a shrine from the car window and realises her last visit was when she went to pray to pass her high school entrance exams.
- Mai has a strange dream one night of peeling onions...
- First thing in the morning at the office, Mai thanks Lin for helping her with her physics homework when she notices that Naru most likely stayed up most of the night. (Lin hadn't noticed.)
- Naru's method of figuring out whether an investigation is the real thing or not...
- Naru's method of getting Mai to take a break when she's working too hard while on an investigation.

あなたのそばで 74p
Mai gets a call from Ayako on her cell phone only to suddenly have a vision of a dark hand reaching towards her friend. Mai manages to escape to her apartment and call the office before passing out. Realising that something's happened to Ayako, the others begin to search for her when Mai gets a call from Ayako's phone - one of Ayako's friends asked her for her help...

Rose Moon

茨1 赤の章 282p
Continuation from 女神論. Mai and Naru are on their way to the office for the first time after everything that occurred in the previous story when Mai suddenly starts acting strangely. Despite expecting a client that day, Naru takes Mai back home and calls Lin and tells him to take care of their visitor...
茨2 黒の章
Continuation of above - Mai works at freeing the other SPR members and Irregulars who are trapped in a dream
茨3/上 朱の章 214p
Continuation of above story
茨3/下 明けの章 234p
Continuation of above story

デビル・エラー 256p
Naru's ordered back to England for a case. The case ends badly with a woman committing suicide after her daughter's found dead. Naru returns to Japan leaving Lin to take care of any loose ends from the investigation. As Lin investigates further, he discovers that the spirit behind the girl's death has been repeating the same style of crime for some time by possessing one of the men from the investigative team whenever the previous perpetrator gets caught. He then receives word that Naru and Mai have disappeared...

ザ・フォー・シーズンズ・フラワー/夏 134p
- Mai's friends give her a bouquet of sunflowers commenting how she's always so sunny and very much like the flower...
- Mai receives a sunflower from a cafe she'd stopped at only to collapse on her way to work. Fortunately, Yasuhara had seen her as she wandered up Dougenzaka towards the office and had been moving to intercept her before some guy on the street tried to hit on her. Mai then dreams of a field of sunflowers with people's heads...

ザ・フォー・シーズンズ・フラワー/冬 182p
- Mai's been acting strangely while on an investigation, and just when the investigation's over and everyone lets their guard down a little, she suddenly disappears.

フォーシーズンズ春宵の章 170p
- With all the trouble Mai's been causing lately seeing visions from things like sunflowers, Naru plants a hypnotic suggestion in Mai that she say his name whenever she senses any danger. Masako finds herself spending much more time with Mai as one of the few members able to see spirits. The SPR and Irregulars spend an afternoon to see the wisterias, and Masako and Mai go off to look at the flowers when...

フォーシーズンズスノーシルバー 258p
Investigative case mentioned briefly in The Four Seasons Flower - Winter story.

スパイラル総集編1 352p
スパイラル総集編2 290p
Continuation of above.

ファースト・キス総集編 168p
Mai has a shocking dream during the final night of an investigation. Flustered she tells the others that it has nothing to do with the investigation and tries to forget about it. A few days later, Ayako gets Mai to tell her what her dream had been about, and Mai admits that she'd been curious about breathing while kissing and had experimented with Gene. Naru overhears them and teaches Mai much more than kissing...


Secret Plan 34p
Madoka calls the office and has Mai take a message for Naru - one of Naru's main sponsors is interested in a marriage between his daughter and Naru. When Mai asks Naru if he'll accept the proposal, Naru tells her it has nothing to do with her, but Mai says it does involve her. After all, she's in love with Naru...


Naru and Mai have started living together and go through a number of firsts: making their first meal together, the first night together...


悪霊がホントにちょっぴり! 26p
Three short scene concepts from the manga/novels and one SS. SS: The SPR office and Irregulars all go to one of Ayako's family's summer homes. Mai and Masako go to bed early while the adults stay up, except rather than going to sleep, they stay up and Masako gets to read some shoujo manga that Mai brought along for her.

Momiji - Sui

紅茶同盟5 40p
3 manga SSs:
- Masako asks Mai if she has any problems telling Naru and Gene apart. Mai says she doesn't and Naru comments that it's annoying having people see him as a replacement for Gene. The next day Masako's upset with Mai because Masako had a dream of Mai confessing her feelings for Naru...
- A fellow student confesses his feelings for Mai, but Mai turns him down. The guy admits that while his family name is upper class, the house he lives in is old and the extended family lives together and there are many people...
- Lin and Naru catch site of Masako being bothered by some guys trying to pick her up. Lin moves to intervene when Mai suddenly shows up and drops a set of Naru's books (that she'd probably gone to pick up from a bookstore) on one guy's head.

Some of the Rose Moon descriptions aren't there. I haven't been in much of a Rose Moon mood lately, so the info's just not staying in the brain. ^^;

And the page count is... 3518 pages in 30 books. (I've read more than that over the past couple of months, so it's a rough count. ^^; ) Just a few pages. :P
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  • Hmm...

    Still reading GH rewrite Vol 1, and I have to admit that while it is the same story, there's definite additions so far to the story. How much of this…

  • Lots and lots of piccies

    As per the title. :P I didn't resize them, so they're big. Otherwise, reading has been taking a lot longer than I expected. I started reading the…

  • (Not so) Quick Note

    GH Vol 1 the rewrite arrived today! Yay! ^o^ Just started reading it (first few pages), and the first part (scene where Mai et al are in the…