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京都私設情報局 一番見えない横顔 1 of 2

Again from Vol 0. I should probably note that generally speaking I will not translate Ghost Hunt doujinshi because I write GH FFs myself. The one exception to that rule (I might have two...) would be Ono Fuyumi's doujinshi (the other possible exception would be Inada Shiho's). The SSs in 京都私設情報局 were later compiled into another doujinshi compilation called 中庭同盟 by Ono Fuyumi's helper 猫猫組 (who also helped with the pamphlets). There's one or two other SSs in 中庭同盟, but unfortunately, without a lot of luck and ~$3000+, 中庭同盟 is very difficult to get hold of.

Warning: Please use a magnifying glass for the following.
[This is literally written at the top of the page, and looking at the text, it's easy to see why. >.> -Shadow ]

"Ayako said she'll come."

"Huh, that's unexpected."

"Unexpected? Why?"

"Matsuzaki-san has an 'if a car isn't sent to pick her up, she won't come' sort of feel to her, doesn't she?"

"Nope, nope. --What's this shounen, you mean you had that image of Ayako, huh."

"I think it's accurate. Don't you, Brown-san?"

"I wonder"

"Maybe not? --In that case, are we changing venues?"

"Changing? Why? We just got here."

"You don't mean you invited her to th-this yakitori place?"

"That's right"

"You've got nerve. Isn't she going to complain."

"It's okay, it's okay. She just complains and that's the end of it."

"You're very close."

"Really? --Ah, miss, we have another person coming."


"Normally, don't you consider the 'where' when you invite a woman out?"

"What're you going to do thinking about that sort of thing with her?"

"You really are close?"

"Not really-. In her case, all that matters is that the place serves alcohol. After all, she'll even come to a yatai (outdoor food stall), right."


"Do you go out drinking with Matsuzaki-san often then Takigawa-san? That's not cheap."

"We do. --Right, John?"

"Yes. Lately, it's usually the three of us."

"'Lately', which means before it was the two of you--?"

"Wha~t's with the weird smile? Before it really was the two of us. John and I."

"I didn't realise you like alcohol that much, Brown-san."


"John does like to drink a fair bit, eh?"

"I couldn't before. Apparently, I don't like bitter or dry drinks......"

"Sweet drinks are okay?"

"Japanese alcohols are okay."

"Hmm. --I~ see. Everyone's secretly been really friendly behind the scenes."

"'Secretly'... Y'know..."

"Takigawa-san lives close to me, after all."

"Takigawa-san's in Chiyoda, and...... Where do you live Brown-san?"


"Ah, you really are close. --But Taniyama-san was depressed wondering if we really were work colleagues."

"We are colleagues."

"Not in that sense."

"Takigawa-san often picks us up or drops us off in his car."

"That's right. --After all, it's not like we can invite Mai out drinking. We've never invited Masako-chan out either."

"Well, yeah, but..."

"I'm not such a bad old guy as to be taking minors out to pubs."

"I'm also a minor--?"

"I wouldn't have invited you if I thought you'd say that sort of thing."

"That's mean. I'm not interested in drinking, but I like eating out."

"No doubt. Not to mention I don't like having women around when drinking."

"What about Matsuzaki-san?"

"Just what about her's a woman?"

"Ehh? But she's beautiful."

"That's true on the outside. I'm talking about inside."

"I think she's plenty feminine on the inside, both in a good and bad sense."

"I can't believe you said it. --Well, I thought so at first, too."

"Which means you don't think so anymore?"

"Like I said, quit with that weird smile. --Ayako's comfortable. She doesn't have that devious female side."

"Ah, now that you mention it, compared to most women, Matsuzaki-san doesn't hold grudges. She doesn't seem to be that concerned about all the harsh things Shibuya-san's said to her. Normally, a person wouldn't show up again after having all that said to them."

"Right. She's noisy, but she's only noisy."

"Hmm, I see."

"Who's noisy?"



"I came. --I really can't believe it. Would people normally invite a woman out to this sort of small, dingy yakitori shop?"

"A normal woman wouldn't show up in the first place."

"Will you quit talking as though I'm not a normal woman? --Ah, miss, I'll have some tsukune and zuri" [tsukune is ground chicken; not sure about the other one]

"And to drink?"

"Umm... you have Jouzen, eh? Jouzenjosui."


"......Despite her complaints, she's quite used to this sort of place."


"What're you guys whispering about over there?"

"N-no, nothing."

"Bad things."

"--I thought monks weren't supposed to drink-?"

"Huh. You don't know about Tsumamuki no Sake; a product Mt. Koya's famous for?"

"A-ah, that. That's a bit lacking."

"I agree."

"You're quite the heavy drinker, aren't you, Matsuzaki-san?"

"My, only as much as is proper."

"Since when did 5 go become 'proper'?" [1 go ~0.18L; 5 go ~0.9L]

"You drink that much?!"

"She's a heavy drinker."

"Considering how much of a boozer you are, you're the last person I want saying that about me."

"......That's incredible"

"With Matsuzaki-san and Takigawa-san present, bottles empty quite quickly."


"They drink at a fast pace, too, so you should be careful Yasuhara-san. It'd be bad getting caught up in their pace."

"I see."

"You're quite strong with alcohol too, John."

"I think that's a metabolic difference between Caucasians and Japanese people..."

"You're being too modest. --Miss, another~. This time, make it Hatsuhinode Daiginjou"


"--Hey, has anyone gone to Shibuya recently?"

"I went by the other day."

"Is the office open yet?"

"From what I saw when I went by, it was still closed."

"Apparently, it'll be open starting next week. Mai-san told me that when I called her a couple of days ago."

"Ah, you phoned her, John."

"Yes. ......Mai-san's been down lately......"

"I see... It can't be helped though."

"Jeez... I hate seeing her so depressed."


"......It could be that if she heard we went out like this that she'll get more depressed."

"Hmmm...... maybe."

"Really? I'd think it wouldn't bother Taniyama-san?"

"Aah. You weren't there that time, were you, Yasuhara-san?"

"'That time'?"

"In Nagano. I think it was when they were going out to get supplies that Mai-san said it - that maybe we really didn't know each another. After all, we didn't know each other's phone number or address."

"She meant us? Not Shibuya-san?"

"I think she meant it both ways."

"I think we really screwed up there..."


"Mai doesn't tend to stick her nose into other people's personal lives, right?"

"She doesn't. We almost never talk about that sort of thing."

"I thought she was the type that didn't like that sort of thing. After all, there are some people who hate give-and-take relationships."

"Taniyama-san's gone through a number of things, so maybe she hates having people pry about things? And maybe that's why she doesn't pry into other people's private lives..."

"That's what you'd think, right? That's why I tried not to touch on anything like that. Especially when she didn't particularly ask about how to reach us. You'd think that meant she didn't want you asking for her phone number either, right?"

"You mean it didn't?"

"Apparenty, she felt pretty lonesome about that."

"......I-I see."

"Mai's actually very much the lonely type. I guess it can't be helped if you think about her situation."


"Because she's so lonesome, there might be a very pessimistic side to her. She's really bad at getting spoiled."

"That's true"

"In any case, she's very happy, and energetic, and probably has lots of friends. She gets along really well with o-Taka-san for example. If you consider her personality, she's probably very popular."

"She's probably quite popular."

"Yeah. So, from our point of view, you'd think that rather than hang around with older folks like us, she'd probably have more fun hanging out with friends her own age, right? After all, she probably has lots of other friends."

"You would think that."

"Despite that, apparently that's not enough. Apparently, she feels lonely if she's not really close with the people around her. Although I only realised this recently."

"I see......"

"In that case, maybe I'll invite her to the amusement park next time."

"Ah, that sounds like a good idea."

"I wonder if it'd be okay"


"Well, to ask her out so easily like that. She's a starving student after all. She goes to school, has a part-time job, and no doubt she needs to study too. Since she gets a scholarship, her marks can't be that bad, right?"

"That's why I kept from asking before. But in Mai's case, I think she'd have been really happy just to have been invited, regardless of whether we actually went or not."

"Ah, I see."

"In any case, I think we should make a point of dropping by once the office opens."

"You're right."

"Well, we're counting on you, shounen."


"Yeah. You're working there part-time, right?"

"Oh? Is that true, Yasuhara-kun?"

"Yeah. Takahashi-san's got exam studies and will be dropping work, so I'm taking her place."

"I see. Do spend some time with her."

"I'm more than happy to do so, but isn't that beside the point really?"

"Beside the point?"

"The reason Taniyama-san's been depressed lately is because Shibuya-san's returned home for the time being, right?"


"No doubt."


"--You know something, don't you, Ayako?"

"Ummm... well, yeah."

"Go on, tell."


"I said tell. Seeing her depressed gets me down."

[to be continued later]

The one problem with this story (other than the extremely small text and not great copy quality) is that Ayako keeps ordering sake and I have no idea what the names of these sake are so I'm struggling to look them up. >.> Hopefully the second page won't take as long to translate. ^^;
Tags: gh fanfic, translation

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