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Major distraction finally arrived today. Lesser but still time consuming (5 doujinshi by Rose Moon) arrived earlier this week at the same time as Castle and Tower released two more of their doujinshi long stories to the 'net, so those kept me minorly preoccupied, but major finally arrived. *___* I've managed to read the C&T as well as 3 of the Rose Moon doujinshi already. Sadly, I'm not in a Rose Moon reading mood. *sigh* But, major... *___*

I've only managed to read through a bit of it, but part of me's glad I forked over what ended up being ~$30 (what with various fees and shipping) for 51 pgs of photocopies. Crazy? I think so too, but... *___* It is and isn't what I expected, but more is than isn't. ^^;; Unfortunately, some of it's hard to make out and read. >.<;;

As it is, it'll take some serious time to work through, during which time I have some other doujinshi I want to read. :P Sadly, I've managed to read through 2 Caramel Ribbon doujinshi already. >.<;; I really do like her work, but I seriously need to pace myself in my reading. Oh well, I picked up a Twins doujinshi, and it has a certain OC in common with my The Fool doujinshi. >.> I'm not keen on working my way through it now. *sigh*
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