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More smug bunnies... Ah well.

E-mail from Selphie told me that Vol 13 is up on Nov 19 and sure enough when I checked Hakusensha's site, Nov's listings were up. I could've sworn they weren't up a few days ago... or maybe that was a week now. In any case, as interesting as Vol 13's release date is (Rin's on the cover; Yay! ^_^ ) what caught my eye was a little listing at the bottom of the page. "English Version Fruits Basket" being released Nov 14.

The book description suggests it might be a bilingual version style book much like Kodansha's Card Captor Sakura, Kindaichi etc., etc., just for Hakusensha instead. (Something about the book being written in native English having explanatory notes and not needing a dictionary to read the book and that it'd help improve English skill while having fun.) I have to admit, I'm rather curious about what the book is exactly, but have no idea when I'll be able to take a look or get hold of it. T_T Maybe I'll have to see about maybe ordering it in. Unlike Shogakukan which often releases titles up to a month before street date, Hakusensha IIRC stayed pretty close to their release dates.

Otherwise, no updating for today methinks. (It'd only be the release dates which can hold for another day or two). Otherwise, Chapter 30 is almost done. Yay! Just the usual ***'s left everywhere saying double check me. And I still don't have a good definition / explanation for "echigoya" for that doujinshi... That word's going to drive me up the wall. Maybe Ono Fuyumi explained it in one of her books since she used it all the time to describe Yasuhara seinen...?

I think tomorrow we'll start on the next chapter for Tsubasa (after finishing Ch 30.) I should get at least one chapter done this month for it. Otherwise... WRITE E-MAIL IDIOT!!! T_T I swear, my friends no doubt all think I either hate them, or that I've died. Or at least disappeared off the face of the earth. Actually, that may not be too far from reality...

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