Shadow (kagedreams) wrote,

Ravelry drama?!

Oh good grief! I have to admit I never expected to see the sort of drama I've been seeing on the Mystery (Misery) Lace forum. Knitters aren't children, and while I can understand the need to vent... *sigh* I've been in a number of flame wars and other nastiness online (hey, I've been on BBSs since '91 and the internet since ~'95), so the stuff that's been happening on Ravelry isn't as openly toasty; it's more of an insinuating ugliness. >.>

That said, the Jitterbug Scherherazade's Slippers should be finished by this weekend at my current pace. The poor Confetti ones are still stuck shortly after the heel turn. :P All in all, these socks have been a frustrating but fun knit. Frustrating because of the various errors throughout the pattern, and fun because it's occupying enough without being too demanding on one's attention.

I was hoping to get right back to other things once these socks were finished, but FSU suddenly asked me to make her a scarf today. She's been feeling chilled lately, so I'll be doing that first. The pattern's already been picked out, and I'll be using the 'sock yarn' that came with part of her b-day present (Red Bird's SOTEOM club) - Estelle's Alpaca Cashmere Tweed.

ginny_t, I don't know where you are in the pattern, but here're all of my fixes and notes for the pattern:

r45 - instep pattern start with m1p not purl as written.
r53 - last decrease stitch SSK not k2tog
r65 - k3 YO SSK k5 k2tog YO k2tog k1 k2tog (mirror change on left side)
r95 - k5 should be k4 (on left side of detail chart; fixed on dual chart)
r113 - centre heel stitches YO k1 YO should be YO [sl1, k2tog, PSSO] YO
r151 - remove k2tog next to right centre YO (sic k2tog YO k1 YO should be k1 YO k1 YO…)

Shifting stitches (+ move end stitches to the heel; - move stitch to instep)
r99 +
r101 +
r103 +
r113 +
r121 +
r123 +
r125 +
r129 +
r133 -
r135 -
r137 -
r141 -
r143 +
r147 -
r149 +
r151 +

I don't know if there are any other shifted stitches before r99 as my Jitterbug socks were beyond that point by the time I started keeping track. ^^;

Anyhow, I think that's about it for these socks for me. I figure I'll finish the Confetti pair as well over time. ^_^

Otherwise... Mona, can you double check the scans for the first SS in that doujinshi or see if there was any errata sheet included with the volume? I keep feeling like I'm missing a paragraph or two, but not so much as a page. *confused*
Tags: knitting, socks

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