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Ravelry - ack!

Dear Ravelry,

Please give me back my evening. >.<;;



Ouch! Too many pretties to look at there, and I have *no* idea how I'm supposed to organise all the stuff we have over here into my profile. O_O;; Basically, I started looking around my chair and going, "oh, what's this stuff?" - add to profile, "oh, what's that stuff?" - add... ^^;

That said, a note was sent to all Year of Lace participants that some folks have had problems with their skeins, so FSU and I balled, and... Yeah. 4 knots, 18-19 slubs (~9 need to be cut out), and 3 bad spin spots (1-3" long). This isn't the first skein I've balled from this company, but it was one of the worst skeins I've ever wound; it was much worse than semi-felted alpaca. (The other skein we've wound from this company balled beautifully, so it's definitely a skein issue.) Apparently, the girls at m1 are working on the problem and hope to get replacements out to folks.

Personally, I'm not in any rush. The pattern's okay, but I'm not overly fond of the colour. I have a skein of merino that would work but... There's a defenseless skein of Socks that Rock (medium weight) that I'm currently stalking. I have ~1.5" left on my petroglyph socks (plain stockinette) before I start turning heels. Of course, it would help if I stopped playing leap frog on length with those... :P

Otherwise, I suspect I'll have a new pair of socks tomorrow or the day after. FSU has knit up a storm and is almost set to start on the toes. Yay! New socks! Maybe I'll give petroglyph to FSU although I'm not sure if she likes this much ribbing (3") let alone this colour. Her last pair for herself were supposed to be superwash (with nylon content!) but weren't. >.<;; All that work went poof. Poor girl. I've since taken to putting hand-knit socks through the delicate/hand wash cycle and hang drying. I don't want to risk shrinking my socks. ^^;

Anyhow, I think I'll lay low for the rest of this 24 hr period. >.>
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