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FC2 J blogging (cont'd)

Not too much for today. Mostly a little additional tidbit on friending as well as info on the latest update email that folks may have received.

Basically, it's now possible to have friends' comments be posted immediately on your blog while anon comments are screened to prevent spam. (Comments from unknown people would be approved through the comment admin screen and then show up on your blog.)

I haven't checked on the settings yet, but the instructions are pretty simple:

1. Log-in to your blog admin page
2. Go to 環境設定の変更→ブログの設定→コメント設定 from the left menu bar. (user settings-> blog settings -> comment settings
At 承認設定で, select 「ブロともの場合はすぐに表示」 (At "approval settings" select "immediately display comments from blog friends")
3. Hit 「更新」 (apply)

// end relevant email info

But, before that, there's approving friending.

When the system has information for you, it'll put a pink notice on the top of your announcements page like this. If you hit the link, you'll be taken to the blog friending admin/consent page. (Hopefully, the other person will write something more meaningful than I did here... :P ) You have the usual are you sure? confirmation page, and you're done. ^_^

You can always change things later on in the blog friends admin section where you can remove people from being friends.

Just a mini-update on the J-blogging side today. The latest screen shots are currently at the end of the fc2 gallery, but I'll probably be moving the images to be next to the friending info later. (I'm on Haku, so I can't make out enough detail from the gallery admin thumbnails. ^^; )

And because I got a note about these in my email the other day, and they amused me to no end... Yum...?

Methinks I'm too easily amused. ^^;
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