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(Sorry Mona, I don't think this post is for you. *laughs* )

Intrigue! FSU's Rockin' Sock Club kit arrived today. I'm actually really glad I got her that membership for Christmas even though they accidentally emailed the bill to her rather than to me. ^^; I warned her that might happen when I wasn't getting an invoice and I'd heard they'd started billing people. (I'd asked for the bill to be sent to me since it was a present, but... *shrug* Oh well.) The RSC kits have impressed me so far. This time, along with the yarn and the emergency stash were other little goodies and a little 'hidden key' game. If you have a hidden key, you win a free rare gem skein of sock yarn. I wonder what colour(way) it will be...? ^o^

I'm liking the colourway and the pattern for this month's RSC kit, so I'm debating stealing her yarn, but... my first YOL kit arrived. ^^; It shipped with a skein of Claudia Handpainted yarn! ^o^ I haven't read the pattern yet, so I'm not sure if I'll actually cast on or not. ^^; The pattern was done by Sivia Harding and has a beaded border. Eek! ^^; Decisions, decisions. I'm leaning more towards the socks. Hand-knit socks... *_* ...although I'm a spoiled kitty.

FSU's currently going a mile a minute with a nice dark purple pair for me. Was it Saturday? She came home, asked me what colour I liked (of four Fleece Artist Sea Wool choices; any of them were fine, but the Amethyst volunteered by falling out of the bag), handed me two pattern books, said pick a pattern, and went off to ball, while I went through patterns and photocopied the necessary pages. ^^; I think she's over half way through the 14" length we usually do (top down). O_O;;

Meanwhile, I still haven't finished my plain Petroglyph socks... >.<;; (Two or three more inches until I turn the heels. ^^; ) Of course, I still have those grey Celtic Braid socks to do... Umm. ^^; Must make FOs rather than piling up UFOs. *sigh* Yeah, right. Watch me rob FSU tomorrow. :P She received a 10% off coupon with this month's kit, so it's not like she can't buy more yarn at some point. And then I can try making my first set of short socks. (We'll completely ignore the fact that I did in fact rob her once this year - Simply Socks has a sock yarn of the month club. For three months you get a special hand-dyed yarn. I can't remember the second month's yarn, but the first month was Fleece Artist Somoko and I love the colourway: grey to bluey-green. *___* )

And here I was trying to go on a yarn moratorium this year. No yarn purchases except possibly for sock yarn. ......Mind you, I haven't purchased any yarn this year! I signed up for YOL back in October or so! :P

And FSU is looking at possibly joining Red Bird Knits SOTM club (or maybe their SOTEOM club?) Her membership to m1's club is expiring soon, and I think she wants to try somewhere else. Red Bird is interesting since it doesn't have that harsh lump sum beforehand. YOL was pretty harsh since payment was back in October or so, and I just got the first kit today. That's quite the lead time for payment even in my books. Red Bird's club scares me though. Some of those patterns! The Latvian wedding socks or the faux fair isle patterns?!? Yikes!

Does anyone have any suggestions for sock clubs? ^^;;

Wow! That was a lot of "Yay! Yarn!" and "Socks!" ^^;;

Otherwise, finally managed to watch some of the Spring previews. On my list to definitely check out is Nabari no Ou. There were a few other titles that were maybes. (Don't have my list with me, so I can't really comment much right now. ^^; )

(And I am feeling better now; yesterday was just weird. ^^; Thanks everyone! ^_^ )
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