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Shadow [userpic]

Some numbers for the curious (re strike)

March 24th, 2008 (08:15 pm)

And apparently I spoke too soon. Numbers are starting to come out regarding the strike on Friday, and as expected, it's pretty confused because of the various factors involved. This post shows new accounts and account activity on LJ over the past several years. There's a link in this post that also has a previous stats post which is also interesting, overall. (And for comparison, some people might find this interesting as it shows Insanejournal's account numbers in ~the past year.)

This is the primary post regarding numbers around the strike. The initial graphs only deal with the Russian / cyrillic population. The interesting graph would be the Fridays activity, but I don't have the statistical background to know if or how to determine whether the drop is truly significant. It is interesting to see however.

I did a quick check of the overall stat numbers, and they're updated at 00:00 of the day which would suggest there's probably a 24 hr delay in reporting stats (sic 22nd's stats released on 24th date stamped report). Either that or they're running that stat compilation at lightning speed. It *is* possible that stats are released slower still, but I didn't see an actual date included with each report. :?

In any case, here are the first inklings of numbers along with some more general numbers. Draw your own conclusions; I have no idea yet if there was any significant result. ^^;