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Shadow [userpic]

Updated finally!

September 21st, 2003 (12:42 pm)

Hmm... I really must get an "update" icon for the calendar side of this thing.

In any case, we finally got to read what Baby Pink's site owner thought of Ch 81... Intriguing in a sense. I wonder what happened in Manabe's family that resulted in the split we're seeing; will have to wait until the chapter scans are made available though. That plus so much seemed to happen in such a short time frame... augh!

Otherwise, I took a look around Baby Pink's site and noticed they have a number of fan fics as well. They're pretty short but cute. ^_^ I'll have to go through there a bit more later as well.

IIRC, Hakusensha lists FruBa in the next issue on Oct 4. That should be good, but after that... if there's an Oct 20 chapter... ah well, cross that bridge once we have a bit more info.

Ghost Hunt hasn't been moving whatsoever lately which isn't good. I really should get back to that project as well but... In any case, the fan fic sites have been busy especially with a number of special project sites being opened. Yomino Yakata has me visiting daily but then, I just like Tenca's writing. ^_^;;

FruBa CD is about 2/3 done so hopefully I can finish that off shortly. (What's this? Finish a project? Seriously!?) But I really ought to get moving on some other things too.... Ah well. I should do a bit more stuff still... maybe. ^v^