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More J Blogging

And as per the title. :P I will admit this much; regardless of whether anyone actually tries out their site or not, it's actually interesting to see how the service is laid out. I'll also admit, it's going to take some time to do all this because it's quite long and almost tedious in a way (some places have lots of repetition). I don't think I've looked at the back end of any journal/blog software as much as I'm looking at this one. It's quite detailed really.

I've managed to go through a number of initial pages, but some of these pages are quite long and detailed. Most of the pages have been screen-capped and had translations put on the pages. So... on with the pages! :P

Login page:

Goes to the first admin page:

Posting: *

*For genre, you can choose the genre of your post from the following list... O_O;

Diary, News, Blog, Mo-blog (cellphone blog), Music, Movies,, Politics/econ, Online games, Games, Anime/Comics, Books/Magazines, Novels/Lit, Car/Motorcyle, TV/Radio, Idol/Stars, Work, Romance, Fashion / Designers, Wedding / Home Life, Child rearing, Pets, Hobbies, Life, Finance, Affiliate, Gourmet, Health/diet, Business, Computers, Mobile phones/PHS, Photography, Regional News, Travel, Foreign News, Sports, Finance, School/Education, Volunteer, Learning/Culture/Arts, Humour, Gambling, Puzzles, Single/Free, Body/Soul, Subculture, Other

User settings page:

*Genre: see previous list

Blog settings pulldown menu:

Sadly, I'm still only in the middle of the blog settings page, but it's quite long. >.> Thankfully, I don't think the rest of the admin pages are all that long. I did run into something that was rather interesting though; there's a spam filter where "XX% or more alpha-numeric content" is deemed as spam. While [100%] means only alphanumeric is allowed. I... never expected that sort of filter! That's actually quite limiting if you want to allow both...? I'll have to see if there's some sort of switch to kill that filter otherwise it allows J or E but never the twain shall meet! ^^;

And WRT the latest LJ stuffs, much has happened during the last day. I'm going to list the links as they happened (or I think that's the order they happened...).

Another translation of the interview here.

Various posts regarding the content strike and other possible actions were posted in both no_lj_ads and "ljspeaks. (Sorry, there were a number of posts, so I'd suggest going direct.)

A post in lj_2008(??) including actual use of the specific words "we apologize". The post itself is probably worth reading as there's other material beyond the apology that people might want to read and consider.

Nossik makes a statement in English.

And the Content Strike is still on.

There are still a lot of questions that remain unanswered that really do need to be addressed even if it goes into stupidity. The events that led to everything getting so out of hand is an incredible show of just that. I think I'm going to let my own thoughts stew on this one for a bit. There's been a lot that's happened from this, many things have gone unaddressed, some things are said to have been taken out of context etc. which is possible but... That's a problem when going across languages and cultures, but there's been more to Nosik's activity than the one interview in this mess.

I've been of two minds about the strike itself, but I think I'll use this weekend to do a certain something for Mona (because she deserves it always :P ) and to finish off two chapters of some fics I'm working on. I'll also keep plugging away at translating the J blog pages. (It's good for me to learn the backside of that site, and I do like all the layouts!) *___*
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