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*sigh* I discovered a bunch of updates had been released for Haku (my EeePC) and started DLing them yesterday when some of them started failing to load. Last night, when I checked on him, I came across an interesting sight... I had a bottom menu bar and a blank, black screen. O_O;; To say the least it was quite shocking. At first, I thought the desktop had crashed or it failed to load or something, and tried rebooting. No good. >.> Unfortunately, I'm so not Linux savvy, that I had no idea what to do! ^^;; End result, I reset the entire system to factory default. The good thing is that Haku has no data on him; everything is kept on USB drives. (Whew!) Also good, it was really quick and mostly painless. (I had to look up his password again. Whoopie.) The bad thing...... I lost my web browser's settings and links? Oh! And I lost my Start Menu icon. I modded that in there. :P All in all, an interesting night with more updates waiting to be reinstalled again. ^^; (Hopefully it won't do the same thing as yesterday).

Otherwise... unfortunately, the debacle that has been arising from everything with SUP's handling of the discontinuation of Basic accounts continues to spiral into the netherhells. Really, I should be working on my fics or even a translation would be good to work on... okay, I sort of worked on a translation, but not of the sort I'm normally interested in! ^^;

I will admit, some of the last pages of comments on news were spiraling out of control, but some of what was also revealed was pretty depressing. I keep hoping that the attitude that is coming across from the Russian owner's side is a problem with translation/interpretation and isn't actually intended to come across that way. If it is meant to come across the way it has been so far... *sigh* It's decidedly disappointing and sad.

Of course, for LJ users, it means being caught in an awkward catch-22. Drive the journal into bankruptcy and it's game over; give money and you're giving tacit approval for how things are being run. Of course, there will also be the masses who do nothing which may well keep things going anyway. I've already decided what will happen with my paid account, and my other basic accounts will remain basic.

I have made a few accounts elsewhere including Xanga and Insanejournal. IJ is under my fic journal name, while Xanga is with my regular account name. I've also been puttering around There's a new site which has yet to go live, which sounds like it will be similar to IJ but hopefully without the same connotations as IJ; I'm not overly fond of that aspect. It'll be interesting to see what SUP decides to do once the Content Strike is over since they've pretty much indicated they're not going to do anything until after that. For those who are interested and haven't read it yet, someone posted a translation of the interview with Anton Nosik. I'd link the original interview, but I don't have it handy at the moment. Sorry. >.>

In any case, I'll be posting a quick guide (or at least the sign up guide) to joining This might be good for those people who are trying to learn Japanese or are interested in challenging themselves by using a J blogging system. ^_^ And of course, those who are interested in a personal journal with 1GB of space, file UL space, counter, webclap, trackback, RSS, fully customisable layouts... are also welcome to take a look. ^_^ I'll try to work on posting guides etc., but these take time. I might have to look for new drivers for my tablet. My mouse and pen don't work well with Gimp either. >.> (Maybe I'll pull out my bluetooth mouse...)

Anyhow, sign-up info to follow once I get it together. The unfortunate thing about is that your address isn't as easy to remember as it is here. ^^; There is some privacy function with friending, but I haven't investigated that part fully yet. ^^;
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