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Shadow [userpic]

Not too much longer...

April 3rd, 2004 (01:44 pm)

Hmm.... not too much longer until the next chapter is to be released I think. Took a look at Hakusensha's site for the preview image; it's nice! ^_^

Basically it says something like:

Now, the meeting between Tohru's Mom = Kyoko and Father = Katsuya...!


Like the wind that carries away the fluff from a blooming dandelion, (I'll) take you away from here. In an place no one knows of, in order to quietly continue spinning our lives.


At one time, Kyo who'd met Tohru's mother Kyoko...
The memory that had been locked away, for some reason the story of Kyoko herself is suddenly resurrected.
Just what did her meeting with Tohru's father, Katsuya bring to Kyoko...!?

Someone in the Fruity Group Mailing list mentioned the possibility of maybe Kyoko was the cat before which is an intriguing concept. ^_^ Of course the cat before Kyo is supposed to be Kazuma's grandfather but... *shrug* Shall see what happens soon enough.


Otherwise, so much for taking things easy on the eyes for a few days. I made an appointment to see the op(tometrist? thamologist??) today. Ah, I'd forgotten what the waiting lists were like to go see him. May 14! >_< Oh well. Probably because I booked to exams at the same time but still. Hopefully nothing else will happen with the eyes, but they did say if I anything happened I could get an emergency consult then. So far, no more funny stuff with the eyes, so I can always hope. However, taking things eaiser on the eyes yesterday and forgetting to do so at times today really has made me aware of just how much I'm straining them. >_<

In any case, still nothing happening on the update front. I think the next one will be the next chapter translation at this rate....