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A, B, Z Drabbles and Albion SS up; GH Online2 Project

Hmm... a few things. I'll post the "not necessarily GH" stuffs after one sleep in order to limit the spammity I've been doing today. ^^;;

Drabbles for A, B, and Z are now up. ^_^ This was mostly to prove to myself that I could actually write a true drabble especially after A blew up in my face. ^^;; The drabbles are exactly 100 words each according to the word count function in Open Office. ^^;

A: Albion, Mai in England hezziwig
B: Bones, thejenx
Z: Zen, Yasuhara, parsnip_chan

follow the little bunny

And that was done because Albion seriously blew up in my face the other day.

A: Albion
Mai in England and anyone else who might belong there
for hezziwig
Length: 3270 words
Genre: General/Drama
Note: minor mention of points from the novels

follow the big bunny ^_^

Yeah, 3270 is a lot more than 100. ^^;

FWIW, most SS stuffs goes up directly on yumenokage rather than here in order to try and keep this journal a little neater. ^^;

Otherwise, I don't know if anyone'd be interested, but there's a fan-run GH project in the works in Japan. While anyone's allowed to participate, the site and all activity will be done in Japanese. Basically, the webmaster of the fansite Kaleidoscope was a bit upset that there were no special projects this year for Sept 19 (sic Naru's birthday), so they created Ghost Hunt Online 2. It's the second GH Online project; apparently the first one took place in 2005, so they're hoping to build more interest in GH again considering the anime's aired over there.

I guess the project could be described as being more serious in nature; its focus is for onliners and not print doujinshi. New works and re-ULed older works (that haven't been up for some time) are being targeted and to be posted from Sep 1, 2008-Oct 15, 2008. The project period is actually from Sep 1-30, and Oct 1-15 is the post-project period. People are allowed to join up to the final day of the project but are not allowed to join once it's into the after-party. Onlookers are of course welcome to look at any time during that period.

Website owners can UL their material and send an email to the organiser with the link, while those without a site can send the piece to them and they'll UL it to the project's site. (There are specs for pieces and written works.) The categories for the project include the following: new illust, new story, old illust, old story, project illust, project ss, mature subject, undecided. Stories can be as long or short as desired, and manga submissions are likewise without any specified page count.

The "project ss" consists of 10 topics of which a minimum of 1 is to be written up if applying for this category. Project illust is for your own illustration of a scene or line (typically from the novels) that you really liked or made you fall in love with (character).

Personally, if I can get my act together, I'm thinking about trying to tackle an SS for the project but was wondering if there's anyone else out there insane enough to join me. I suspect if anyone else is insane enough to join me, most likely it'd be on the manga or illust side, but I hope someone will be willing to jump on as well. ^^;

But yes, the project will be done completely in Japanese so I realise that that could be a problem for most people. ^^; Still, if anyone's interested, let me know. ^^;
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