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A-a-albion you amoeba...

I am not going to let you take over and create a whole mini-scenario, so stop it! I am thinking about letting you split off into Bones but you are *not* to take this sordid concept any further. Do you hear me? >.<; Why couldn't you let this be a nice waffy piece? Naru was certainly doing his part and then some to derail things, but no... you just had to butt in and cause problems for Mai, didn't you? *sigh* I'm going to see if I can lance certain pieces and pull things back into fluff while still maintaining good flow into the rickety piece next. No love, too many bunnies, and much frustration.

That said, there are five letters left to be claimed. Anyone interested in requesting a fic are more than welcome to put in a claim ^_^ I could've sworn I was planning on writing M today, but A somehow amoebaed M out of the way, too. >.> *sigh*
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