Shadow (kagedreams) wrote,

One more weekish...

Ch 90 is almost out. ^_^ Anywhere from 3-5 days for HtY to be released in Japan. Should prove interesting. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what happens in the chapter. Folks on the mailing list have commented that there's an FB image on Hakusensha's Home Page. Sure enough. Looks like there "advertising" their 30th anniversary by having a 3 consecutive months illustration book release.
  • Hidaka Banri - Hitsuji no Namida and Sekai de Ichiban Dakirai
    Currently being sold

  • April 16
    Takaya Natsuki - Fruits Basket
    100 pgs of illustrations
    A4 size \1680
    Contains all the colour illusts from 1998 (when the series started) - 2002

  • May 14
    Nakajo Hisaya - Hanazakari no Kimitachie

There's also a comment that FB Vol 14 is being released April 19.

Cute stuff. ^_^ I'll have to think about putting in an order or something. That plus there's bound to be several other titles that we should try to pick up (like the final volume of HikaGo...).

Otherwise, on a complete aside, I think I've got a vague idea of what it's like to try translating something when you have no(t much of an) idea about one of the languages being worked with. The fanfic I'm writing for Ghost Hunt is currently touching on the Middle Ages England (unless I do decide to change that setting afterall and change it to Reformation Europe) and so I tried to write some stuff in Middle English. Okay, English is my first language. Middle English is... ... weird. ^_^;; It was amusing and interesting though.

On a not so good(?) side, today was odd. I tried slicing myself *twice* in the kitchen again (grated my thumb. >_< ) but more than that was "seeing things." If only I was seeing ghosts or something, but unfortunately it wasn't anything so "nice". Flashing lights in my field of vision; something that's clearly physiological in origin. I guess I should see the optometrist? It subsided after a few minutes and nothing else seemed to be wrong. It was rather disconcerting though. I'll have to see if my usual optometrist is still working or what have you. It's been about 3 years since I last changed glasses so I need new glasses... and I can't find my sunglasses either so I could just get it all done at once. Ouch! That's pricey. As a result, I think I'll take a break from the computer as much as possible for the next couple or so and give the eyes a chance to rest a bit. My only question: What am I going to do during that time?!? Twiddle my thumbs?? I probably won't be able to read books much or do any close work... >_< Serves me right for being on the computer so much for the past few months....

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