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Yahoo mail is seriously driving me batty right now. >.> I'm not sure why but I currently have two phantom messages on there. (System tells me I have two unread emails but my inbox tells me I have no new mail??) *sigh* This has been going on all week now. >.>

Male parental's laptop is acting sluggish so I've been concentrating on seeing what's wrong with it. For someone who uses his laptop only to surf J news sites, he somehow managed to turn off his firewall and virus protection?? Yikes! For all that the scans are coming back negative, I'm still a bit unsure about how clean his system is. It's way too slow. Maybe it's overheating and needs to be cleaned out...?

Otherwise, poor Mona's bit hasn't been gotten to yet all week. >.> I need to get off my butt and start working on that thing. :P The next few pages look like fun but the part afterwards...? #O.O#;; Meep!

Time to sit down with things (after doing a few basic chores). Ah why do these things pile up all the time... :P
Tags: computer, not much

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