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Whoohoo! 40k!

And I've finally caught up, hit the 40k mark, and am in the final stretch for this thing! Yay~! I won't mention how hard it was to knuckle down yesterday and write or how I procrastinated and did the first part towards making creme brulee. :P FSU bought me a kitchen torch so I'm armed and dangerous... or at least I have reason to set fire to the kitchen. ^^;

Yesterday's typing was fraught with one horror though. Thankfully it quickly got edited. "Someone through a rock threw their front window." Yikes! Please, no more horrors like that one. That hurt. >.>

Here's to hoping for a couple of really productive days which can see me (hopefully) winding up this case. Next year, no procrastination. *nods* Losing those days hurt. ^^;

*runs back to writing*
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