Shadow (kagedreams) wrote,

Chara Bk - Cursed Clan

Hmm... finally filled in the hole in that section of the Chara Bk from when I'd updated it last. Only one part left to that section. Shall see when I can get to that.

Otherwise, not too much on the translating side as I've been doing a bit of research into Middle Ages Europe / England & Scotland for background information. Mrf. Too much information and not enough brain cells left in the head. Lots of stuff on torture techniques during the Inquisition but little information on the when or implementation etc., etc. I really need to sit down in a uni library or something rather than working through secondary and tertiary web sites of highly questionable quality. While there are some good sites and even some primary sources (original pamphlets from the 1600's etc), they're hard to read online. I might want to consider moving out of an Englandish setting and go more continental Europe at this rate... My French isn't good enough for that anymore though!! >_<

Went out shopping the other day and saw an interesting book: Mythologica. There was another book (much cheaper) called Mythology as well and they're both interesting. One takes a more "factual" style approach to things while the other takes a more "story telling" approach to the subject. Both are highly general and the areas I was interested in; they only had about 10-20 pgs on each. It was interesting yes, but... at the same time, how many books on mythology do I want / need?

Truthfully what I'm really interested in looking up is Middle Ages England Ghosts / Witches and superstitions of that time. Not quite the same as mythology so obviously I'm getting a bit sidetracked with things. *sigh* Must sit down and think things through a lot better as to what exactly I'm trying to find out and quit filling the brain with useless asides. Of course, I also need to learn a bit more about the general style of living etc for the era a touch as well.

In any case only a little longer 2 weeksish until Ch 90 comes out... Wai!

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