Shadow (kagedreams) wrote,

How many words...?

So, I wonder how many words I can try to scribble out over the course of this weekend in a massive effort to get caught up for NaNo. >.> I'm currently sitting somewhere around... 4k? :P Yeah, pretty pathetic, but not only am I not in a writing mood (hence the writing really sucks), I also seem to be fighting the inner critic of "well that's not too likely", "what are you doing there?!", and "hey, what if Yasuhara... ". That last one's pretty nasty hard to shake. ^^;

I will admit that I've re-written the prologue, still have to re-write the second prologue, will need to re-work a good chunk of what I've written for the first chapter. ......I just don't see much moving *forward* with the spinning tires. ^^; Ah well, dinner first. Then it's to battle! ...okay, fine, to *Kyoto*. :P
Tags: nano

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