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Shadow [userpic]

Tsubasa Ch 4 Author's Note

March 22nd, 2004 (01:42 pm)

Sheesh! It's about time I put that thing up! I've only been sitting on it this side of forever... Apparently Ch 6 Omake 3 was already up so nothing was added to that chapter. Ch 6 IIRC has a couple of author notes though so that'll take time. Of course the author's note for Ch 4 did have the usual *****'s marking places I wasn't sure about things; like the character's name for FF - Cloud? Claude? I have no idea seeing as I've never played it before... ^_^;;

In any case, it's up. (Not much of an update...) Otherwise, I was watching bits of FB anime again and it's interesting how some of the manga chapters have been adapted for the anime. Some of it's a lot more fun in the anime taking advantage of certain aspects. Like Tohru getting sick and having Kyo cook nira rather than just cooking; the fight that didn't happen between Yuki and Kyo... ^^;; And also the episode where Hana-chan and Uo-chan visited was quite different as well. Lots of fun and heartwarming things that happened in the anime that wasn't completely there in the manga. I think that's one of the main reasons I like the anime in its own right in a separate fashion from the manga. The anime isn't strictly canon, and I'm not entirely fond of the final episode especially between Tohru and Akito, but as a series it has its strengths.

Ah well. It's getting late and there are still things to take care of. At least I finished my work. ^_^ Spring breakup should be upon us soon though so work will also come to a dead halt. Got to love how ground conditions affects things. ^_^; Anyhow, I really should try working on a proper update. I've been holding off on most chapters edited versions since I really want to do those when I have the tankou in hand but... I'm a bit tempted with some of the most recent chapters especially to fill in the bits (small asides usually) that I couldn't catch first time round. Ah well, shall see what happens tomorrow.