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*sigh* Now I remember...

...why I stopped reading Seirei no Moribito. I think I mentioned some time ago about trying to read this book, but apparently I'd forgotten about that and tried reading the book again last night. That's when I rediscovered why I stopped reading it in the first place. It doesn't have enough kanji! >.<;; I'd completely forgotten about that. *sigh* Most of the books I read are youth novels (sic teen novels). I occasionally try picking up regular novels, too. You'd think children's novels would be easier since there's much less kanji to struggle with, but since it's all phonetic, you have to read a fair distance to get to the end of a phrase compared to being able to read the phrase in a handful of characters. >.> I wonder if the paperback version might have more kanji in it... Might be worth nabbing and trying out. >.>

Otherwise, I finally started re-watching the last few eps for Saiunkoku. I'm currently stalled at ep 38 - an ep I really disliked. >.> Shall see how I get through it today and if maybe it's a bit more tolerable after all this time and distance from the series. (I haven't read much of the novels lately so that might help.) Once I'm past the last few eps of season 1 again, I'll be starting on season II. I hope the Celtic Braid sock pattern can be done fairly easily while watching vids. Either that, or I'll need to start a separate non-patterned set of socks. :P

Anyhow, I definitely need to get going for the day. :P
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