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Apparently, I can't count to six or twelve. >.<;; *sigh* I don't know if I should clip and cut my losses or try tinking back five rows. It wouldn't be all bad except I'm working with Kidsilk Haze, a mohair yarn. *cry* I have no idea what I'm going to do about the messed up "tangled thread" I'd been creating. I'm going to give it a day or two and maybe try knitting forward a few more rows and hope and pray it's just me being unable to count close to the needle, but I think I'm sunk. >.>

In other knitting news, I finished FSU's slip-stitch socks and I think she's sewn in the ends. I wonder how well they fit... Next up sock-wise will be Cabin Fever's Celtic Braid socks.

Otherwise, I dug out all the eps for Seirei no Moribito and decided to do a Seirei fest. ^^;; Watched the entire series. Apparently, I'd missed some eps or completely forgotten about them earlier on as I had no knowledge of eps 7-12ish. ^^;; Oops. Shall see if I finally sit down with the books and read them though. I'd like to (actally, I'd *really* like to), but the brain seems to be a bit more fickle about what I read. >.> I did manage to read the first book for Shinrei Tantei Yakumo though (first manga vol being released in Nov.).

Anyhow, hopefully I'll manage to start watching Saiunkoku second season. (I was originally planning on watching this rather than Seirei, but... *shrug*) I'm really curious to see how things were done with Tantan-kun showing up. :P
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