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Shadow [userpic]

Ewww and watched so far

October 17th, 2007 (08:16 pm)
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So, I finally sat down with the reading comp diagnostic test: 24/26. Reasonable. One error was sheer stupidity and one was an "I don't know and I have no time to think about it; pick an answer and move on!" ^^;; Apparently I was reading a bit slowly and didn't think about time management so by the time I finished the first Q, I had ~25 (out of 45) mins left. Whoops. Q2 saw me try reading faster and by the time I hit Q3 I was in "forget reading. Read the question and find the answer". :P Still, forgive my whinge, but reading comp is boooring. If only they used anime/manga for their reading comp q's. That'd make things much more interesting. :P

Otherwise, this season has some promising titles for anime shows on top of the usual meh stuffs.

So far, I've watched the following:

Ef- A Tale of Memories - FSU's given this one a thumbs down, but I'm not sure yet. It seems like another growing up anime but... ^^; I liked the way it started so I think I'll give a couple more eps and see how things go from there. :P

Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro - Um. A demon who eats mysteries. Quaint, but not for me I don't think. >.> The execution and story premise did not grab me.

Mokke - the story of two sisters who have been sent to live with their grandparents. The older sister can see what others cannot while the younger is easily possessed. Since their parents don't know how to deal with the issues the sisters face, they're sent to their grandparents who can. So far, this series is proving to be a sweet story about the two sisters growing up and trying to learn to deal with their abilities. I think I'll be following this one. ^_^

Myself; Yourself - FSU described this as reminiscent of KOR. I don't know about that, but it's proving to be very interesting so far. The basic story premise is that five years after moving to Tokyo because of his parents' work, Hidaka Sana (16) returns to his old hometown on his own. There he's reunited with his old friends. Right from the start, we don't know why he transferred on his own, and we watch as he creates a bit of a mess for himself when he doesn't recognise one of his old friends. ^^;; So far, this series (3 eps to date) is proving to be very interesting and sweet. Definitely curious to see how this continues. ^o^

Night Wizard - Whoa, what a choice! "Please answer "hai" or "yes" to my request." O_O;; That and the things Hiiragi faces trying to get to school...?? *blink* I'm going to try a few more eps before deciding whether to continue this one or not. ^^;

Prism Ark - *sigh* I like the music and the language, but it feels too much like a video game. I might try another ep, but I don't think I'll be following this. >.>

Rental Magica - rent a magic user? So far it seems cute and more on the fun side. I think I'll give it a few more eps and see how things go from there. I might follow it, I might not. :P

Shion no Ou - Shogi? The initial story premise seems interesting, but I'm not sure if I'm really interested in this one or not yet. Only one ep's been released so far, so I'm reserving judgement until I've seen a bit more.

Suteki Tantei Labyrinth - post mega-earthquake Tokyo. Mysterious murders, a supposedly haunted mansion, and other weirdness. This one might be a bit of a guilty pleasure as it has some good humour. :P I think I'll be following this one. The twins are cute too. ^^;

Otherwise, I've also watched Miyori no Mori. This is a one shot made for TV movie that's a bit reminiscent of such things as Mononoke Hime. The voice acting leaves a bit to be desired especially earlier on. Not on the level of Ghibli movies but not bad. Based on a manga.

So, one definite, three probables, and two probably nots on the watch list for now. :P I need to hunt down some more Suteki Tantei and ef... ^^;;


Posted by: Shadow (kagedreams)
Posted at: October 20th, 2007 07:01 pm (UTC)

Rental Magica I like, aside from the blond girl. She annoys me. The only heir of Solomon-- please. He had 700 wives-- give it a rest already.
...? I don't remember it saying this in the series, but I wasn't paying a huge amount of attention when watching this. Do you remember where that was said?

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