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So, I finally finished my first run through of all the kanji charas I supposedly need for JLPT2 according to the drill site. Yay! I do need a bit of work on some charas. *sigh* But what was getting to me while I was going through the various chara sets was what was going through my mind! >.<;; Like:

官: 秀麗は官吏になりたい! (Shuurei wants to become a government official!)
恋: 秀麗は恋愛に興味ないの? (Does Shuurei not have any interest in romance?)
腕: 透は料理の腕を振るった (Tohru dd her best at cooking.)
頼: 劉輝は経攸と楸瑛を信頼してます (Ryuuki trusts in Kouyuu and Shuuei)
臓: 妖魔は人間の内臓を食べる (Youma eat human innards.)
林: 林さん! (Lin-san!)
労: 麻衣は労働仕事を担当するナルは頭脳の仕事 (Mai's in charge of physical labour while Naru's in charge of thinking)
緑: 緑陵高校で起こってる怪事件 (The strange incidents that occurred at Ryokuryou HS)
輪: くるまのすけの車輪 (Kurumanosuke's wheel)
論: ナルはいつも論文を書いてます (Naru's always writing research papers)
呼: ナルはPKを使うと呼吸が乱れることがある (When Naru uses his PK, his breathing becomes irregular)
録: 麻衣はマイクを設置して音を録音をしてました (Mai set the mics and recorded the sounds.)
律: 律令 part of Masahiro's spell casting (kyuukyuu jouritsuryou).

Need I go on? :P I suspect I'm seriously sunk. Not WRT the JLPT but my brain is a seriously lost cause. ^^;;

When is Ghost Hound starting? Soon IIRC. I'm looking forward to it starting. Otherwise, there are a number of promising titles this season. Shall see how things go. ^_^
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