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FSU gave me a decision to make for this weekend: the Farmers' Market or m1. >.> The Farmers' Market means yummy food and snacks and groceries for next week's dinners. m1 = Year of Lace sign-up. *sigh* I finally decided on the market as I need the study food. (Yes, studying is a lot about form and comfort rather than actual work. What about it? :P (Actually, I need to pick up some tea as well.)) Hopefully I can do knitting sign-up next week still as I'm trying to finalise how long I want to stay in Vancouver in Dec.

When talking to FSU about sock knitting, she complained how one of her pairs of hands wasn't working, so she couldn't get as many socks done as she wanted. O_o It took a moment before I realised she meant *I* wasn't working on knitting socks at the moment. ^^;; I guess this means I really need to find that pattern again and work on turning the heel. (For the slip-stitch socks I've been working on and off of for the past who knows how long.) It has a gusset heel, which I've never done before, so it'll be interesting to see how it goes. I just need to find the pattern... ^^; (I can't complain too much. She's knitting a quick scarf for me to match the gloves she'd made last year. Nice soft stuff that I really like. ^o^ )

Otherwise, I still haven't sat down with the new season of anime eps. I have no idea what's been DLed yet, so I should go searching through the desktop and find out what's on there. ^^;;

Oh, and my two bits about studying/reviewing kanji. Why won't you stick in the brain?! I went through three more chara sets on this kanji drill site. One of the kanji that I had a bit of trouble with popped up in the book I'm currently reading (水底の森) and I had *no* idea how to read it so I skipped it and kept on after nabbing the meaning. >.> *sigh* I need to remember the reads more and to make it more conscious knowledge. >.<;
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