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Okay, just a quick note that I've created a new journal specifically for Mona's Eep! that will be getting written up later (and any other Eep! that might follow). The journal is currently open for any and all to read (not that anything's there at the moment...), *but* given the material that's going to be posted there, I might make it friends only. It probably won't have a friending policy; much like here, if you friend it, I'll friend back. However, the journal will have smut. It will have lots of it. It may well end up *only* being smut. ^^;; If you don't like smut, if you only like fully consensual smut, if you have any hangups over not having only your OTP doing it, etc., I'd suggest staying away from it. :P

Basically, if you go there and read whatever ends up being posted, you do so on your own cognizance and at your own risk. I will try to place content warnings for the different posts (other than NC-17) in case people like certain things and not others and would like some idea of whether they might want to stay away from certain posts while still wanting to read others.

*nods* I think that's about all I can think of to say about it other than the fact that I've never written lemons, and I've never really tried translating this sort of material before. Please don't expect any miracles here. ^^;;

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