Shadow (kagedreams) wrote,

Chara Bk - The Cow/Ox

And Haru the Cow/Ox has now been added to the site in the Fortune Telling section. This part's going a bit slower than expected. >_< I can't believe how quickly time keeps flying by though, it's hard to stay caught up with things. And there's so much still to do.

Otherwise, the mini-description is up for the next chapter for FB. Kyoko's past. Should prove interesting since there's so much that has been hinted and teased at about her. Just who was she... I wonder how long it'll take for the local bookstore to get in vol 2 for FB. Chapters / Indigo sent out some discount coupons that I can use on books which wouldn't be all that bad. More things to do and eat up time. ^^;;

Ah well. Work's still piled up. I only got about half way done today (will have to try and finish it tomorrow). Good thing I'd said it'd be done for Monday and not today. ^_^;

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