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*blink* Oh my...

So, today seems to be my day for annoying yucks. :/ It started with a crashed database and has now gone on to the news that I have to fly via AC at some time before Oct 25th or lose my accumulated points. :/ Sadly, this year, the male parental and I are thinking about doing a New Year trip to Japan for a change. The other bit of travel I've been debating is if I decide to write the JLPT; I haven't decided yet since I have no actual grammatical learning and I haven't studied the kanji. (Make that I haven't studied period.) >.<; Either way, they'd be well after my account expired, so... I'm starting to look at short trips. Maybe a quick shopping trip to Vancouver would work, but I don't have that sort of energy anymore. *sigh* I have about one month to come up with something. *gag*

In any case, what I was hoping would be a productive day has since degenerated into damage control. :/ I think I'll crawl under a rock now. :P
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