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Ghost Hunt Vol 5-1

And since I've been thinking that I really should start on the promised manga translations for GH (I recall promising at least Vol 5 & 6 after discovering what DelRey did to those volumes), here's a translation for the first chapter of Vol 5 (Forbidden Games Ch. 4). This translation is *NOT* to be used for scanlations of any sort and is NOT to be posted elsewhere.

Ghost Hunt Vol 5
Forbidden Games Chapter 4

Sign: P.A. Room
Bousan: I feel like I've done this sort of thing before...
Ayako: Oh, no. I broke a nail.


Bousan: ...Wow. You hit the jackpot.
Mai: .........

...What should I do
I was right......
One of the strange occurrences at Ryokuryou H.S.: a fire that breaks out in the change room every twelve days.

But I had a weird dream and said, "it might not be the change room but the P.A. room instead",
so Naru said something about setting up equipment in the change room.

And then......
Mai: I certainly never expected it to really happen~~~


Mai: ...Yeah, I'm glad that useless me can be useful, but...
Bousan: It was a lot bigger than the stories made it seem.
Wasn't it supposed to be on the level of scorching the walls?
Yasuhara: That's how it's supposed to be......
Naru: Where else did you see the will-o-the-wisps?
Mai: Eh

Umm...... the print room... and the language lab and......
the one in the nurse's office might've been pretty big
Naru: What?
Mai: It might've been a coincidence that I was right......


Naru: I'm not really expecting anything.
Mai: No doubt!
Bousan: A-ah, it got caught in everything.

Fire extinguishers are really smelly.

Hey, Naru-bou,
this camera's had it, hasn't it?
Naru: ......Yeah

It's all right. It's insured.
Bousan: Oh
Mai: Huh~ I see......

When I broke the camera before, your telling me to work as your assistant in exchange for covering the damages was

in other words, really, you just wanted someone to help out......?


Naru: It seems you've become a bit wiser.
Mai: Why you--!
You tricked me!!!
Bousan: Your leg! Don't raise your leg

M-my lord! This is the palace!
Naru: Lin, let's reset the equipment.
Lin: Okay
Mai: ...Sheesh.
Does he have any idea how panicked I was back then?
Taking advantage of a person's weakness...


Although, thanks to that I'm able to work at SPR.


Matsuyama: Oy.
Are those exorcisms or whatever they are done yet?
Mai: Gah. Matsuyama!
Matsuyama: Apparently there was another fire this morning.
You haven't managed to do those so-called exorcisms, have you?

In any case, there's no such thing as ghosts to begin with.

Concocting a story about something that doesn't exist in the first place and pulling a scam like this...
No doubt you're just after money.
Mai: ...Um!

I'm sorry, I'm in the middle of some work. If you have any complaints, please take them to those in charge. Excuse me!
Matsuyama: --Shall I tell you what happens to those people who believe
in foolish superstitions like ghosts and such?!


Matsuyama: We had one here in this school, too.

A guy who got caught up in the occult and met a tragic end!
Mai: ...Are you talking about Sakauchi-kun?
Matsuyama: Oh, you know about him then?
Be careful that you don't end up like that.

No doubt he's regretting things in the afterlife!
Masako: Something painful happened at school...
Mai: ...In other words, you don't think Sakauchi-kun's death was regrettable, do you Sensei?


Matsuyama: What? Who said that?!
Mai: That's the only way that sounded!

Matsuyama: Wha-what was that?!
*runs off*
Bousan: Hey, Mai.
Mai: Bousan.
Bousan: What happened?
Mai: I don't know. I just got here, too......
Name: *rattle*




Mai: ...The same dog
as last time......?

Student: Uaah

Bousan: Mai!
Mai: Wah?!
Dog: Huh




Masako: ...What was that spirit just now.......
It was almost as though it were a physical entity......
Naru: --Sensei

Please call an ambulance. Some students have been injured.
Matsuyama: ......Uh, yeah.


*Running footsteps...*
Mai: ......Hey,
that thing just now...... It's the same dog as last time, right......?
Bousan: I think so, but......
what's with that size?
Naru: ----
It's gotten stronger, hasn't it......?
Masako: --Aa...
Mai: Masako?!
What's wr--
*Gura (vision blurs)*


Mai: --What......?

What is this......


It's the same as yesterday's dream.......

No......! You mustn't. If you go near that, you'll all be eaten!



Wouldn't be......




Sa...ka uchi......




Bousan: --Oy
Hey! Are you all right?


Bousan: What happened?
The two of you suddenly fell to your knees, so you surprised us.
Mai: Did you...
see it too, Masako......?
Masako: ...Yes.........

is gone.........


Sign: Meeting Room
Masako: --It's just as Mai-san saw in her dream.
The spirits here are eating one another.

Sakauchi-san... has been absorbed.
Ayako: So... what?
The spirits we've been getting rid of aren't being exorcised but are running away to other places......

And are eating or being eaten?
John: And the ones that do the eating... end up becoming even stronger?


I thought it was just a dream.
If things continue this way......

What's going to happen

If there's only one spirit left in the end......
Bousan: What do you want to do, Naru-chan?
Naru: It might be best to hold off on the exorcisms for now.
Who knows what'll happen if they end up escaping again......
Yasuhara: Umm...... do you have a moment?


Yasuhara: I heard something that's bothering me a bit...
Naru: What is it?
Yasuhara: I tried tracing how orikiri-sama spread;
it was bothering me after talking to Taniyama-san about it yesterday.

Apparently, orikiri-sama started to become popular after the second school term.

I've discovered two routes--
those who heard about it from a first year student, and those who heard about it from an art club member.

...And, umm......


Yasuhara: What's bothering me......
is that Sakauchi-kun was in the art club.

Umm, naturally, it doesn't necessarily mean anything.
It's just one more piece of information.
Naru: ...............
Message from
the manga-ka:
Hello-ello! I'm Inada Shiho, that's me!
Here's, this is the fifth volume for Ghost Hunt!

This time it's the concluding volume for "Forbidden Games". To everyone who thought, "Aa! I want to know what happens!" when the story ended suddenly at the end of volume 4, thank you for waiting. You'll be able to sleep now! (Just what sort of greeting is this?!)
Well, please continue onward~!


Naru: ...Whether it's meaningful or not,
in any case, it started to become popular after the second term onwards among first year students and art club members.

It then spread throughout the school, and countless spirit summonings were carried out.
And the spirits that were summoned--


...No, it's still strange.
It doesn't matter how many summonings were done. I can't see amateurs,
who haven't had any sort of training, being able to summon this many spirits.
Yasuhara: Would it have anything to do with this place having been a burial ground?
Bousan: Well, yeah, it's not uncommon.
Yasuhara: Aa! You're making fun of me, aren't you?
By burial ground, I'm talking about the Ryokuryou ruins, and was a burial ground during the Nara period.


Bousan?: I see...
Ancient burial grounds are places that have had wards placed on them in order to keep spirits from wandering out and causing hauntings.

It's possible that the spirits that've been summoned are caught and unable to get out again, but......
John: It's still a mystery why the students
were able to summon this many spirits in the first place.
Mai: Ah, yeah, that's right......
Naru: I just don't understand
This school--


Mai: ...Whoa~~
I should've asked someone to come with me after all~~
Schools at night really have that "c'mon out, ghosts" feel to them.

What'm I gonna do if I can't take care of even minor tasks!

All I've got to do is change the tapes and return to base!


Sign: Bio Room
*gara* (opens door)
Mai: All right.
Good job.


Mai: E-eh?
Mai: Oh no, is it broken?
*light dies*
Mai: Ack!
Don't kid around~!

Having a blackout at a time like......
*Ha* (realisation)
Black... outs

have no effect on flashlights.

...I've got a bad feeling.
I'd better go back to base for now.


...It won't open......?
There's no lock on it!
*gatan* clatter)

*giggle* *snicker*



Mai: !

...Children...... if that were possible.
In a place like this, at a time like this......


*rattle rattle rattle*



Mai: Kyaa!
*tsuu* (liquid runs)
Mai: !

I smell formaldehyde......
So, the thing that broke just now......


Mai: --N...
Mai: Somebody come here!



Boy did that take me a long time. I guess it would help if I had a third hand to hold the book, and wasn't half listening to the tele. :P Hopefully, I haven't made too many "spleling" errors or what-have-you.


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