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Amazon JP probably hates me right now...

A few weeks or more ago, Amazon JP decided to split an order (July's) on me so that two new release manga wouldn't hold up the rest of my things. So when two weeks passed after the books had been released without receiving a shipping notice, I sent them an inquiry about when the books would be shipped. Well, at least they didn't try making excuses and apologised stating that it was a technical error on their part, and they sent a nominal coupon to make up for the error. No big deal.

That was yesterday. I just sent them another complaint today, this time about a package (part of my Aug order) that has yet to be received despite having been shipped last weekend. Apparently, some time between my last shipment and this one (in the last 2-3 weeks essentially), Amazon switched courier companies from DHL to Fed Ex. Normally, I'd be quite happy as I've always been more favourably inclined towards Fed Ex. However, they just matched DHL's Xmas worst performance record for me. I've had two horrible (in terms of time) experiences with DHL when it comes to my Amazon packages, both during the Xmas season. One saw no delivery for three days despite the package being in-city; this resulted in a two-year boycott of Amazon. (Not entirely fair to Amazon since it's not their service I had a problem with.) Last year, they topped that with four days with no delivery. (At which point I told DHL to hold the package at the depot for pick-up so I could at least get it before Xmas.) Today, Fed Ex matched DHL's Xmas worst. :/

The package arrived in city on Monday morning (~4AM) and if everything went well, I would see a Monday delivery, Tuesday would be more typical, and Wednesday would be on the bad side. (This is for International Priority courier service; normally a 1-3 business day delivery guarantee.) Thursday has now gone by without any signs of a delivery attempt. (In fact, the package has yet to make it onto a delivery truck.) As things stand, I just received notice from Amazon that two more shipments (yesterday's complaint items and most of Sept's order which they split from the pre-order items) will be winging their way to me over the weekend/next week. I wonder when those items will be delivered. :/

Actually, having Amazon split my orders up on me (despite my wanting things sent in one shipment) is a bit of a pain. Not only did July #2 not get sent until I complained, Aug #2 (all but six books) won't be shipped for another few weeks, and Sept #1 (all but two books) should be received next week. I wonder what I'm going to do with Sept's books without having read most of Aug's. ^^;
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