Shadow (kagedreams) wrote,

Ah Windows... how I'm starting to hate thee...

Mokkun's coming down with a severe case of measles on his desktop now. Poor guy. ^^; Still, data transfer is going... sometimes glacially, but today it seems to be going reasonably well. (Yesterday it took *hours* (no exaggeration) to transfer 1.5 GB of data from Yggy to the 2GB USB key.) Shall see how much longer it takes to transfer the rest of the files and any other programs I might have forgotten about. (Almost forgot about an FTP program and zip utility. Oops.) So far, Vista's new UAC (User Access Control?) has driven me to my knees and I've resorted to turning the thing off. I could handle the miriad "This program wants to do this, cancel or allow?", but when the thing absolutely refused to let me name a program menu folder "utilities" and renamed it "maintenance" so that I had two maintenance folders (one which had nothing more than a windows help file...), the thing had to go. My next headache will be registering Windows. I'd hoped that by using the Vista Business link I'd be able to get around having to sign up for whatever MS is trying to push, but no such luck. It was rather amusing in a pathetic way trying to get to the registration screen from the hotlink on the system when I'm defaulted to Firefox. Gotta love how they do things. :/

As it is, so far Saiunkoku's being a bit of a pain in transfering. I should've realised that it'd be a problem because of file size. *sigh* Hopefully a few more transfers on the keys should see all of the website and project files transferred. I wonder if I should export all of my bookmarks... ^^; That could be spooky. :P Shall see.

Oh, and does anyone know of any sort of palm rest protectors for laptops? I'll admit, the big stickers that came on Mokkun are nicely sized and all, but... I'm kinda hoping I know my own system specs by now seeing how I chose what system to buy. :P Some sort of clear pads would be best. Anything to prevent the eventual darkening and, if the tops are also Mg alloy, to prevent pitting.

All in all, so far my headaches have been fairly minor although every time I start thinking about maybe getting to like Vista, it does something like the UAC incident. :/ Hopefully I'll be over the learning curve in a month. *sigh*
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