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So, I finally took the time to sit down with a number of shows and dramas over the weekend and watched them. ^^; Watched so far include the following:

- Code-E eps 1 & 2
- HanaKimi J Drama 1, 2
- Tantei Gakuen Q 1, 2
- Hotaru no Hikari 1
- Zombie Loan 2
- Mushiuta 2
- Zero no Tsukaima 1
- Mononoke 1

Still to watch would be Nanatsuiro Drops 1.

Ep 1's ending for Code-E... what a thing to say! ^^; So far, this is looking like it might be a fun series to follow. It certainly has an interesting start, so I'm looking forward to following it for a while. ^_^

HanaKimi... I'll give this series one, *maybe* two more episodes, but unless there's a serious change in tone, I'm dropping following this. What bothers me about it isn't so much the way things have been changed around (as I don't consider the manga-ka the strongest of storytellers), but more the approach to things. Slapstick humour can be fun, but this goes beyond that. I'm almost tempted to say that it goes so far as contemptuous stupidity, but... *shrug* In any case, I'm getting a lot of cringe response to this one. :/

Tantei Gakuen Q - This one has a bit of a cringe response but not for the reasons as mentioned in HanaKimi so much as for Q's utter naivete (sorry no accent). ^^; So far I'm enjoying the mystery that's behind the series, so I'm thinking about following this one for the next while. ^_^

Hotaru no Hikari - *sigh* Why is it that women can't be less than perfect little dolls and accessories in Japanese society? Hotaru starts off with a rather interesting attitude and personality, but if this series is going to be a "she changes into the Japanese ideal of a young woman" I think I'll... well toss my cookies. :P I'll give it another ep or 2 and see. I will admit, the preview for the next ep did make me laugh at the "hebi onna" (snake woman) comment after she threw her back out. ^^;

Zombie Loan - maybe we'll follow this...? FSU is showing signs of possibly giving up on it, and I'm not sure yet. I think we'll give it another couple of eps before passing final judgement.

Mushiuta - More mysteries and questions arise. I think I'm going to have to look further into this series as it seems quite interesting. ^_^

Zero no Tsukaima - Why did I pull ep 2? My only excuse is that it was late at night and I wasn't thinking. I'm not sure if I'll watch it. :/ This one's not really my thing.

Mononoke - ......I don't think we'll be following this one. The animation style is actually rather unusual, but I don't think I can get around it and get interested in whatever is happening as it's also quite slow paced. :/

I'm currently debating if I want to wait until the end of August for the Asus Eee (which I *still* really want to get as it's such a cute toy), or if I should cave in and get the 13.3 Asus W7S. If only my system would ship I wouldn't be looking at all these other computers... *sigh* I'm hoping to hear something about units arriving at the end of this week and building next week onwards but... *shrug*. I pity the folks who ordered it with the tv-tuner--back-ordered with no word on delivery yet. :/

As it is, I find it strange that I'm seeing this 12.1" screen as being rather *large* now. I was struck by the size difference between this 12.1 system and my 15.4 when I decided to clean out the fans on my 15.4. Actually, I was rather surprised at how huge the previous model Dell Inspirons were when I saw them at the Dell kiosk today (it seemed really big compared to my Acer even). ^^; How sad is it that I'm starting to think 15.4 is actually too big overall, and that 12" or smaller would be the ideal size for a system? ^^;

*sigh* Otherwise, it's really hot out here as we're caught in the heatwave that's hit the western part of the continent. I'm really hoping we'll get some rain and get some relief from the humidity; it doesn't *get* this humid here normally in July. >.<;
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