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Hack (the game) has a wiki page...?

*laughs* While reading through some messages on the notebooks forum, someone mentioned that their system slows down even when playing Minesweeper, and for some reason, that ended up reminding me of an old game I used to play. I don't really remember when I first played it, but I do remember it was on the "IBM compatible" with an amber screen (anyone remember those??). *laughs*

I think I remember it so well because that game kept killing me off so quickly. I found it pretty much impossible to get beyond the second level or so. ^^; Oh well. Anyhow, if all goes well, I'll hopefully hear some news tomorrow about what's going on with the IFL90's status. The good thing is that I finally have another option for my laptop. Dell announced their new Vostro line today or yesterday, and it supports XP. All of their new Inspirons don't support XP, so I'd pretty much given up on them. Otherwise, I'm still trying to find a nice game to get (preferably a fantasy-based dungeon crawl), to test out the system but... No idea what to look for. ^^;

And I finally watched Zombie Loan 1 and Mushiuta 1. Mushiuta has me somewhat intrigued and so far Zombie Loan seems all right as well. Figured male parental might like Shigurui so I nabbed it and installed some stuff on his laptop so he can watch it. I'll have to remember to ask him what he thought of it tomorrow. :P Lots of stuff DLed but not yet watched including two dramas--Tantei Gakuen Q (the title sounds familiar) and HanaKimi. Shall see how those go, too. ^_^

Here's to hoping tomorrow's news is good news. >.
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