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Shadow [userpic]

Snippets - Vol 2

March 16th, 2004 (01:40 pm)

Added a couple of snippets for Vol 2 for a change. Variety is always nice. ^_^

Otherwise, I forgot to add Selphie's gift to the site. Need to tweak the translation page for that. Not to mention apparently yesterday's mentioned author notes for Tsubasa haven't been typed up. I'll have to type those in tomorrow. ^^;;

But, the bulk of today was spent oddly enough scribbling out a chapter for a fanfic. >_< Writing is hard. Writing clearly is harder still and I seem to be getting bogged down and sidetracked into trivial details. I know I'm picky but that pedantic?? Umm... actually, yes I think I am that pedantic. Makes for a lousy author... >_< You know something's wrong if you're writing the first chapter and it's 10 pages long! I'm not supposed to be writing a full novel here! (At least I hope not.) Oh but it's slow work. I really want to get into the next chapter since it looks like a fun chapter, but I'm still stuck in trying to iron out weirdness and flesh out what needs to be more detailed. That and grammar... o.O It's quite killing me in this one and is truly slow going. Ah well. Tomorrow's another day to give it a go. ^^;;