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Shadow [userpic]

Chara Bk - Step 2 Clover

March 15th, 2004 (01:39 pm)

And the last part to Step 2 for the FB fortune telling is now up. ^_^ All that's left now for that section is Step 3 and all the descriptions of the different years... There's actually quite a lot there. >_< A little at a time perhaps? Or maybe take a break. Shall see how things go tomorrow.

Selphie from the French FB groups sent a little gift today, a "blank" cover for as yet unpublished FB volumes. Doumoarigatou gozaimasu Selphie-san! I'll be sure to get it added for the next update. ^_^ It'll also save me from changing the cover each time. ^^;;

I see Merrow has updated Red Butterfly... ... which reminds me, did I ever finish the Author's Note translations for Ch 4?? I was supposed to do those quite a while ago, and I'm pretty sure I'd written at least one of them up, but I don't remember if I passed them on or even if I typed it up!? Hmm.... let's see... yeah, I've got Tsubasa Ch 6 Omake #3 and Author's Note Ch 4 here in my notebook just before all the Step 2 FB Fortune things which means it was probably written some time ago since I jump around in my translation notebooks a lot. Four section notebooks are both good and bad. ^^;; I'll have to double check with the site side of things.

Lastly, the outline for the GH fanfic is shaping up but I don't like how I've got Mai's character developing. I'm going to have to tweak it a bit. I figure about 60-70% of the full story is written in outline form though. I wonder how it'd work out if I should write it though? Will have to look at it and work on it a bit more. It's been too long since I've done any real writing, my writing style really sucks (sounds boring) right now. >_<

Anyhow, time to do a bit more work on things before calling it a night. I think I'll make an orange loaf tomorrow since we're about out of baked things. I've *got* to get of this baking kick. 1: it's fattening, 2: it's messy, and 3: I don't like sweet things that much in the first place! Ah I'm just being silly. ^^;;