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Chara Bk - Spade Group

Happy White Day!

Eheh... ^_^;; Still more with the FB fortune translations. One more group until Step 2 is finished. Step 3... Not sure if I can tackle that one right away. Too many bits... ^^;; Fixed up a couple of pages to keep folks out of areas that are still being set up and completely not worked on yet. Oops. Wasn't supposed to have those areas out in the open like that (interview parts.) I'd like to work on parts there but there are always questions in a section that I'm not sure how to translate right away that slow me down. *sigh* Ah well, shall see about getting some of it done though. There are areas that are rather interesting to read afterall.

Otherwise, I have no idea where book 2 went to look for any omake to add to the Snippets area. >_< I'll have to look again harder tomorrow for it. Some of the favourite scenes might also make for interesting snippets. ^_^

Unrelated to FB, I started working on an outline for a GH fanfic... I don't know if I can write this. Too many details not enough idea of what I'm trying to say, how to say it... trying to figure out how to get the characters to talk... Aaahhh too many variables and I haven't written any sort of fiction since... okay since university. I was thinking junior high school but I did a minor stint in uni as well... I wonder if it's still on that computer's hard drive?? (Not that I can get it off the computer; the floppy on it's toast IIRC.) Anyhow, I think I'll try to work a bit more on it, but I have no idea what I'd do with the thing if I actually wrote it out. (Right now it's outline writing...). I guess I'll "cross that bridge when I come to it" Someone's been watching Stargate again... ^_^;

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