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Summary Part 14 Ch3; Part 15 Aug 14 after 6 PM ch 1-3 trans

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Part 14, Ch 3

Bou-san joins the conversation with Mai and Madoka and tries to talk about more serious topics including how old Lin is (he's older than Bou-san, much to Bou-san's relief) and the video that was recorded of Naru throwing the aluminum mass into the wall. Madoka says how in the past, Naru didn't have problems using his PK because Gene would act as an amplifier for him. Madoka herself didn't understand how it worked very well, but explains that Naru would toss a small seed of energy to Gene who would then amplify it and send it back. After repeating this a number of times, it would be greatly increased from the original seed so Naru didn't end up exhausting himself when using his PK.

Madoka, just in case, reminds everyone to be careful about not letting anything leak to the mass media. When asked why, Madoka explains that, while it would depend on the culprit, but it was potentially very dangerous for Naru since he looked the exact same as Gene--the one that person had killed.

Madoka then comments about Bou-san being Dr. Davis's fan. And after a brief silence, everyone bursts out laughing. They tease him about how he could easily ask for Dr. Davis's autograph since he knew him and that the doctor himself knew how Bou-san felt since he'd been quite open in expressing his opinion in front of the doctor. Bou-san looks truly pathetic as he pleads for the others not to mention that since he was trying his best not to think about that. And as everyone has a great laugh, Lin comes to the cabin asking for Madoka. He then tells her they found the body. Everyone gets up at that news.


Part 15--Aug 14 After 6 PM Ch 1

When we ran out of the bungalow, several people including onlookers had gathered by the water's edge.

The surroundings were rich with the feel of sunset. The shore had fallen into the mountain's shadows and the boat on the shadowless lake was very clear, as though it was being lit. The waters glittered in the setting sun.

The black head of a diver bobbed in the water beside the motorboat. A hand reached out from inside the boat and was handed a rope. The person inside the boat pulled on the rope and a greyish mass obscured by the water slowly rose towards the surface. The diver in the water climbed aboard the boat, and the boat set off. It headed for the beach.

We watched all that feeling as though we were watching some sort of ceremony.

The boat reached the shore. It stopped as it came a little out of the water's edge. The diver jumped out of the boat and pulled on the rope reeling in whatever was wrapped in the grey... no, the dirty silver sheeting, and pulled it out of the water. From between the people who were watching all this from a distance, a lone figure started walking towards the water's edge--it was Naru.

Naru crouched down beside the wrapped mass. He reached out a hand and the middle-aged diver's voice could be heard trying to stop him.

"Don't do it."

"No, I'm all right."

Naru's calm voice. His face lost all expression.

Naru knelt on the sheet. Reaching out a pale hand, he turned over a corner of the sheet. Some pitch black hair could be seen peeking out from the edge of the sheet encasing. The diver next to him looked away.

Naru stared at that for a long moment...... and calmly replaced the sheet as it was originally. He silently climbed to his feet and started walking along the water's edge.

There wasn't a hint of tears or pain in that silent profile.


Things were in a major panic after that. Ayako, Masako, and I, along with Mori-san, quickly left that place and returned to our bungalow--taking Naru's mother with us.

His father is Martin Davis. His mother is Luella Davis. His father's called Professor Davis to distinguish between him and Naru. While I couldn't tell his age, he seemed to be much older than our parents would be.

The professor's hair was a brownish-red while his wife's was a beautiful blonde. His eyes were blue; hers purple.

Mrs. Davis cried a lot. She was in so much pain that we couldn't find any words to try to comfort her with. After a long while, and it was full dark outside, she finally lifted her face from Mori-san's shoulder.

"I'm sorry."

She spoke in slightly stilted Japanese.

"I'm sorry, I didn't come say hello earlier."

Everyone just shook their head. After seeing that with eyes swollen from crying, she asked, "Can you understand my Japanese?"

"It's very good."

When Masako said that, Mrs. Davis finally smiled. The corners of her mouth trembled, and seeing that was very painful.

"Those two would talk secretly in Japanese so I learned the language. But Japanese is very difficult. I'm sorry I can't speak it very well."

"Those two" probably meant Naru and his older brother.

"Thank you for looking out for Naru so much."

"Not at all. Likewise."

Masako bowed slightly while Ayako got to her feet.

"I'll go make some new tea. It's become cold."

"Umm...... My condolences."

When I said that, Mrs. Davis glanced at Mori-san. Mori-san said something to her in English, and Mrs. Davis then smiled at me.

"Thank you. Are you Taniyama-san?"

"Yes, that's right. I'm pleased to meet you."

"I'm pleased to meet you too. Naru is quite difficult and can be a bit of a problem. Thank you for everything."

Since she said that, she must know that I'm working part-time at the office.

"He really is a bit difficult, isn't he?"

When I said that, she smiled.

"But he's a good person."

"I know."

"I'm very proud of both of them."

She opened her hand that was gripping a handkerchief at those words. In her palm was a business card-sized picture frame. She touched it gently. When I bent to peer at it, she handed it to me.

"Extremely proud."

Two young men were in that photo. They had the same face. The same stature. One had a slightly gentler look than the other. Two Narus.


I pointed to one of them. Mrs. Davis nodded.

They really were alike. Gene was smiling while Naru was frowning slightly.

"It looks like there are two Genes, doesn't it?"

Masako said looking at the photo from one side, and I couldn't help thinking the same thing.

It seemed like, more than there being two Narus in that photo, that there were two Genes there. I quickly realised why. Naru was wearing a navy blue sweater. The shirt was tangerine. It's the first time I've ever seen Naru dressed like that.

......Ah, I see.

I understand.

Those...... were for mourning.

Pure black clothes. For Gene.

--For the other half he'd lost.

I quickly fought back the tears that threatened to fall. I had no right to cry in front of his mother. This sorrow was for people who knew Gene well and loved him.

I returned the picture frame to her. She held that picture frame in her hand as though it was so very precious.

"Poor Gene," she said with tears in her eyes again. "Naru too. It must've been very hard for him."


"They were born together. Being separated like this is wrong. It's really very sad."

"I think so too."

As I said that, I could no longer hold back my tears. I stood and quickly went outside.

Chapter 2

"I'm so pathetic......"

I leaned against a tree in the forest. The moon was shining.

I'm not supposed to cry. There's someone suffering a lot more than me. I should be giving her support and trying to cheer her up.

Even so, unless I was looking upwards, tears threatened to fall.

My chest hurt so much. ......It hurt.

I don't really understand why it hurts so much.

*fumi--* (sniff)

I want to cry. But I don't want to cry.

So when someone spoke to me, I was a bit relieved.

"What are you doing?"

That slightly exasperated voice was Naru's. I scrubbed my face and looking in the direction the voice came from, I saw Naru looking truly exasperated.

"Do you intend to eat the moon? It doesn't matter how long you wait with your mouth open, the moon won't come falling down."

......Sheesh he really is rude!

But thanks to that, my tears have dried so I'll specially forgive him this time.

"I don't necessarily want to eat it."

"Where's Luella?"

I couldn't help thinking that that's how he calls his mother.

"She's in our bungalow. ......What about your brother?"

"The police took him away."


Why's he so calm? His being completely like always was annoying.

"You're really not honest with yourself......"

"About what?" Naru had started walking towards the cabin lights but stopped and turned.

"You stubborn idiot! Why don't you just cry?"

"It's not something to necessarily cry over."

"But you're sad, right?"

Naru had a slight cynical smile.

"I'm afraid I'm a fool who doesn't understand human nature."

This guy, he's holding a grudge.

"You're not being honest with yourself."

"Everyone dies." His voice was quiet. "In a hundred years, none of your friends will still be alive."

"I don't think that's the issue here."

"That is the issue."

He really is a stick in the mud.

I stared at the moon.

"You're going back to England..."


It's okay to tell him, right? After all, it's too late now.

"......Um, y'know. I really liked you."

"I heard more than enough that you viewed me favourably this afternoon."

"Idiot. I don't mean in that way."

I looked at Naru. He was looking at me a little strangely so I couldn't help smiling.

"You're so dense--"

"What do you mean?"

"Umm, I meant that I liked you in a really special way."

Naru looked at me. Those dark eyes. He cocked his head a bit, then that white face smiled slightly.

"Me? --or Gene?"

My mind went blank for a moment.

Just what is this guy saying?


That's obvious, right? That sort of thing.

Naru's going back. That's why I thought I'd tell him. Because I'd never see him again. Never again.

......I can never see him again.

I'll never see that smile again. Never, regardless what the dream, he'll never show up again.

I couldn't answer. I was so hurt and sad, tears fell.

"But...... I didn't know."

I didn't know. That that wasn't Naru.

I never thought he was no longer part of this world. I thought that someday Naru would smile like that. Even though he never smiles like that.

"I didn't know...... I didn't understand anything."

He always helped me. He always cheered me up. But I never even thanked him. I was always under the wrong impression and was mistaken to the very end.

"I always called him 'Naru'."

That's the only name I ever called him by. I never once tried to know the real him.

My chest hurt. It hurt so much, I wanted to die.

I crouched there, and raising my voice, I cried.

Chapter 3

After a long while, my breathing calmed, and I was finally able to look up.

"In any case......"

I was surprised by that nearby voice. Looking to one side, I saw Naru standing right next to me. I thought he'd long since left, so I was a bit surprised.

"In any case, you'll see him again whether you want to or not." The pale face was looking off to one side.

"......After a hundred years or so......?"

"In your case, you might even have two hundred years."


Strength left me, and I ended up sitting on the ground there.

"I'm definitely going to live long. Even though I'm clumsy and stupid. Enough to make you sick."

"No doubt."

"I wish you wouldn't agree with that."

"I think it's better to face reality?"


"You should've told me. If you'd told me everything at the beginning, I'd never have made this sort of mistake, so I'll blame you for it."

"It's your fault for being mistaken. Do I have that sort of meddlesome personality?"


I smiled and tears fell again.

"I feel like an idiot. ......Being so affected by the things you did without even realising the truth..."


The moon was shining in the evening forest, and you could hear the soft voices of the insects.

"It's the perfect mood."


I looked up and stuck my tongue out.

"Until just recently, I would definitely've been excited at this situation."

"Expecting the same on my part's a bit of a problem......"

"I would have. That's what a girl's heart is like. ......And yet, it's worthless now knowing that it was someone else entirely.

Immediately after saying that, I took a dig at my own words.

"......not good. That's a really rude thing to say, isn't it? Sorry."

"That's okay. I'm used to it."

I turned and looked towards that dry voice and Naru raised a brow slightly.

"We have the same looks and our abilities are of the same level. One side has a good personality and the other not. --Which would you choose?"

"The good personality."

"There you go."

......I see.

"Things were...... rather sad for you."

Most likely his brother got all the girls.

"I was thankful as it was quiet."

"Idiot scientist."

Naru looked at me and I smiled.

"Gene said you were just an idiot scientist."

Naru sighed. I smiled at that and got to my feet.

"You're really similar on the outside, but inside you're completely different, aren't you?"

"My apologies for being unable to meet your expectations."

"Yeah. If your personalities were even a little alike, it'd make me swoon."

I'm saying a lot of rude things. I'm sorry. Forgive me. I don't have the spirit to get back up without doing this.

"There's still time."

I smiled.

"Is there maybe someone you like?"

Naru looked a little surprised at my question.


"I see. ......There isn't, after all. For a moment there, I was wondering if there might be someone you wanted to see back in England."

I'll ask for Masako's sake. I'm so nice.

"Well, there is a woman I've been chasing after for the past five years."

"You're kidding! Seriously?"

"......A Wimbledon woman."

"As in tennis' Wimbledon?"

"That's right. She lives in the attic of an old house."

"How old is she? Is she pretty?"

"I'm not sure. She looks to be over eighty."


"She is alive, isn't she?"

Naru smiled slightly.

"I can get exceptionally clear data from her. She only appears around this time of year, so I'm thinking about going straight to see her when I get back."

......Sheesh. He looks like he's really looking forward to it--.

"......It'd be nice to be able to meet even once a year like that."

I won't say with whom.

"It should be better not being able to meet."


His profile illuminated in the moonlight looked so much like him. Enough to make me cry.

"His smile was so beautiful--I loved that......"

"I see."

"It was really, really beautiful."


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  • Don't *do* that...

    I noticed that Haku's been acting a bit weird for the past week or so and thought that he was being so flaky because he's got such wimpy memory,…

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