Shadow (kagedreams) wrote,

Good news bad news?

Bad news: it rained all day today
Good news: it only snowed for ~1hr

Bad news: there's a new Tim Horton's ~5mins walk from here
Good news: it rained all day today

I'm not sure if having a Tim Horties so close by is a good thing or a bad thing yet. I haven't had a decent doughnut shop within walking distance since I lived in Montreal. And yes, I did do the 12AM doughnut runs when I was up late studying back then. ^^; I was a silly goose, what can I say? :P

But the main thing of note: Heiki part 1's plot point summary is now done. I really hope the remaining three books don't take that long. And I still have... two? three? other intervening books to go through with interesting little tidbits like how Ayako's bath even has potted plants in it. ^^;
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