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Okay, I'm not too sure about what mysteries people may be wondering about for GH, but there are bound to be more questions than I can think of. ^^; People should feel free to ask q's as I go along here. lkk has written up a spoiler post for the major spoilers to the series. I'll do a quick run down here, but if you want some more insight, you might want to hop over here and take a looksee. Otherwise... I'm going to try and go in order, so if people want to pop out because they don't want the end spoilers, I'm hoping it'll be possible. Please note, I started writing this on the fly while my computer was occupied and am not really thinking much of what I'll be writing as I go. It might ramble... a lot. ^^;

I'll try to use the books more thoroughly for reference points in the final stories rather than rely on memory. ^^;

So, a long time ago, I started writing up a list of clues for the series. This will be reviewed here as well as things go down the line. ^^; I will reveal one spoiler at the beginning though because it'll give a little bit of perspective, but I won't give the major early spoiler. :P

Namely, Naru and Lin opened the office a few months before Naru met Mai.

Story 1: Akuryou ga Ippai!? (File 1)

  • Shibuya Kazuya meets Mai
  • Naru's notes are all in English
  • Naru doesn't understand idiomatic Japanese very well
  • Naru uses a lot of English words, then explains in Japanese. "Some haunted houses ...... yuurei yashiki are extremely dangerous."
  • Ghosts are shy
  • Mai calls him Naru-chan short for narcissist
  • Naru calls Mai "Mai". Mai complains saying he called her by name and without honourifics. Naru responds by saying " just did the same".
  • Naru's 16 yet the office manager (to turn 17 that year)
  • Naru's very tense when John shows up at first and asks where he's from
  • meet all the irregulars: Bou-san, Ayako, John, Masako. The principal at the school seemed to manage to gather people whose skill was real.
  • Masako is a top-class medium and wonders about possibly having met Naru earlier; Naru says they've never met, however, he does know of her
  • Masako says there are no spirits there
  • things moved by poltergeists feel warm to the touch
  • Naru considers before noon to be "early" (? or just that day? He was up all night)
  • Naru uses inches when describing the change in ground level / heights
  • Naru smiles in Mai's dream
  • Naru's office has massive amounts of extremely expensive equipment
  • Naru's expression is a little softer when it's discovered that Kuroda is causing the poltergeist manifestations; he hesitates slightly at explaining that half of poltergeist manifestations are caused by people
  • Naru offers Mai a job at SPR saying that the previous girl working there quit
  • Mai starts working PT at SPR

Story 2: Akuryou ga Hontou ni Ippai! (File 2)

  • Naru isn't concerned about whether he turns away wealthy looking potential clients
  • "Tea" = black tea; very little green tea in the office
  • At age 16, Naru's the manager of the company, doesn't attend school, cares only about work, doesn't watch TV, doesn't go to see movies, doesn't read novels or manga, and doesn't listen to music at all. He reads books, masses of copied papers--all dealing with the paranormal and all English articles. Hobbies are magic and travel. Has a massve number of road maps and travel guides. He sometimes looks at maps and goes on short trips, but doesn't appear to be sight-seeing. When he went to Kyoto he didn't go to Kiyomizudera or Kinkakuji, or Arashiyama.
  • If Naru's not interested in a case, he absolutely won't accept it
  • Mai's initial impression of the Morishita home is that it looks like a grave
  • once again, they have a mountain of equipment...
  • Spirits normally become quiet when outsiders come
  • Mai sees a child by the kitchen window
  • Lin calls Naru "Naru"
  • Naru's a master at hypnosis (comment by Lin)
  • Again Naru's not good with idioms
  • Bou-san explains about dolls usage in the past in casting curses
  • Mai feels that Ayami shouldn't be left alone with Minnie
  • Naru's strangely certain that the doll wasn't the problem
  • Explanation about psychometry and famous psychometrists including England's Oliver Davis
  • Naru doesn't want to call in Masako
  • Mai dreams about the past
  • Dream!Naru's eyes look sad, like he feels for the spirit
  • Lin tells Ayako that she should hold off on continuing with her prayers because they're essentially like forcing the other spirit back, so resistance would be strong
  • Naru has never failed people's expectations (comment by Lin)
  • Dream!Naru smiles; Mai loves that smile since he never smiles like that in the real world. Mai asks about Naru dating Masako. Naru laughs and says she's mistaken
  • When she wakes up, Naru's asks if she's awake, his voice isn't the least bit kind
  • learn the two types of exorcisms
  • Naru's an onmyouji?
  • When Mai asks Naru about dating Masako, he tells her its not that way; Naru doesn't want Mai to be under the wrong impression about his going out with Masako ^o^
  • All the office tapes etc., are labeled in English
  • Masako forces her company on Naru who tried escaping from the office when she arrived
  • Speculation that Masako has something on Naru and that maybe Naru has some sort of sponsor who funds all the equipment etc., at the office

Story 3: Akuryou ga Ippai de Nemurenai! (File 3)

  • Bou-san always drinks iced coffee when stopping by SPR regardless how cold it might be outside
  • Takahashi Yuuko (Taka) asks Bou-san to look into weirdness at her school
  • Bou-san asks Naru for a simple all-encompassing solution to all the problems at the school. Naru tells him to blow up the school and all the people associated with it. ^^; Bou-san agrees adding that they'd also need to keep everyone out of the area for a long time afterwards, but it would definitely solve the issue
  • Naru doesn't talk back to Masako? (not really important actually :P)
  • Mai and Taka get along really well; Mai tells her how she endeed up working at SPR
  • Taka mentions that there was an furor at her school about psychic ability involving Kasai Chiaki
  • After being called back to the base, Naru gives a quick explanation to Taka on how to use the transceiver and leaves, taking Mai with him, to see Kasai
  • Lin's notes are all typed in English (anime)
  • when bending the spoon for Kasai-san, the spoon snapped
  • Naru tells Kasai that when you can't do PK you should just say so
  • Naru asks Mai to keep his spoon-bending a secret, especially from Lin
  • Masako says there are no spirits in the school
  • Mai says there are spirits and Ayako bets that there are. Masako counters on the no side to which Ayako tells Masako if there are, she's to quit making moves on Naru because it creates workplace problems. Naru yells at them for making him the subject of a bet
  • Naru wishes that they had a medium whose skill they were sure of "...were here"
  • Taka's surprised at the infighting between the irregulars and SPR
  • Mai dreams of an amusement park her mom once took her to when she was very young. She'd gone into the mirror house and found it to be creepy and cried there. In her dream, Mai runs into the mirror house but gets lost and finds it to be massive. She then sees a figure which doesn't move amongst the mirrors and aims for it--it's Dream!Naru. He points and Mai sees the school in negative form and transparent; there are many will-o-the-wisps. She asks Dream!Naru what they are, but he tells her she should know what they are--they're evil. The dream fades and Mai finds herself back at the base with an angry Naru. Everyone else looks at her coldly. She'd fallen asleep with her eyes open in the middle of a meeting.
  • Naru comments that his (personality) being lousy was fine. If it were good, on top of everything else, he wouldn't live long.
  • Explanation of the division of parapsychic ability into ESP and PK and that usually there's no cross-over between PK and ESP users.
  • major explanation about the different types of PK (ST, MT, LT) and about some famous parapsychics including Oliver Davis of England who has incredible PK-ST. He'd apparently thrown a 50kg mass of aluminum into a wall a number of years ago in an experiment. Dr. Oliver Davis is an extremely serious psy-researcher who doesn't appear in public very often
  • Kasai visits Mai and is impressed with what she sees at the base. Mai tells her Naru's a ghost hunter and someone said that he might be an onmyouji. Kasai's impressed at the ghost hunter aspect but even more so that he might be an onmyouji.
  • Kasai tells Mai she has no ESP, only PK. She further expands that she only has PK-ST
  • Kasai explains she learned all that from Ubusuna-sensei
  • The bio club was more an occult club at the school
  • Kasai admits to feeling a bit responsible for what's happening at the school. Mai tells her she shouldn't feel that way.
  • Kasai's apparently like a kouhai to Ubusuna
  • Mai tells Kasai a secret--that a spirit has been appearing before Yoshino sensei (the teacher who dragged her before the school assembly)
  • Taka, Kasai and Mai get along well and chat
  • Bou-san tells Naru he should try to talk to Masako who insists there are no spirits at the school because they need her
  • Naru comments they could hire a different medium
  • Mai tells Naru that wasn't a nice thing to say. Mai asks Naru what Masako has on him, and he denies that's the way things are, but Mai knows that even though he doesn't seem happy about it, Naru's still going out on dates on occasion with Masako
  • Kasai's good a writing poetry/songs; member of the lit. club
  • Taka admits to liking Bou-san but that he treats her like a younger sister. She also realises that Mai likes Naru. Kasai thinks Naru's nice. Mai admits Naru appears in her dreams to them. The three of them all agree to cheer each other (at least Mai and Taka) on and have a good laugh when Bou-san and Naru return.
  • spirit appears before Naru; Mai says the spirit's evil--almost like her mouth's speaking on its own. Mai then tells about her dream to Naru and Bou-san hiding the fact Naru appeared
  • Kasai comments that she told Kei about Naru being an onmyouji and that Kei offered her help
  • the image of Naru's room (anime)
  • Naru and Lin live somewhere where Naru could pound on the wall and wake Lin if need be
  • "you mean Lin-san's the onmyouji?" "something like that"--fully revealed in Blood-Soaked Maze
  • Mai displays unusually sharp intuition
  • Naru and Mai were both essentially unharmed in the fall down the manhole despite all the rubble at the bottom
  • When Mai regains her composure after falling in the manhole, Naru chuckles and comments that Mai's emotions are plainly written on her face. Mai thinks that if his eyes were just a little friendlier he'd be just like the Naru in her dreams
  • Naru cheers Mai up with sleight-of-hand tricks
  • Naru collapses from "anemia"
  • no name on the name plate at the hospital despite having a private room
  • Mai's shown to be a sensitive--specifically her instinct is very keen against those who intend her harm
  • Lin's reaction to Naru having bent a spoon
  • when showing everyone his "trick" the spoon didn't snap
  • Naru's interest in magic/sleight of hand is to be able to tell when someone's using tricks rather than true PK/psychic ability

Story 4: Akuryou wa Hitori Bocchi (File 4)

  • Masako can't see the spirits but can sense their presence
  • Dream!Naru tells Mai she should go home or learn warding spells
  • Mai and Masako see Sakauchi get eaten
  • learn about the different types of mediums--those that are psychometrists and are good at prediction vs. "true" mediums who when possessed know things they would otherwise be unable to know or do (ex. speak other languages); Eugene Davis--Oliver Davis' brother--is one such true medium. Speculate that Masako is the former--a psychometrist and that she's reading the building
  • Naru's not very good at reading kanji
  • he's very touchy feely with things like desks
  • he apologises to Mai ^o^

Story 5: Akuryou ni Naritakunai! (File 7)

  • Naru's away on a trip, but Madoka tells him to come back and he does
  • Madoka taught Naru ghost hunting
  • Madoka calls Naru "Naru"
  • Naru takes on the Miyama case at Madoka's request
  • Naru gets Yasuhara to acts as him for the case
  • Lin's name is Lin Koujo and he's Chinese originally from Hong Kong
  • Mai's an orphan with no living relatives
  • Oliver Davis has an honourary degree recognising his research in parapsych. not a true Ph. D.
  • Masako is invited on the case separately
  • Masako can sense there are many spirits but can't see them very well
  • Mai dreams of being killed
  • Lin hates Japanese people. Mai tells Lin if he's to hate her, she wants it to be for who she is and not for things she can't control like ethnicity, sex, or being an orphan. Lin admits someone else once told him the same thing.
  • Naru's father is a professor
  • Lin's there to keep an eye on Naru
  • after Mai's possessed by the spirit of the woman who was killed in her dream, Naru says "so that's what that was about"
  • Naru's response to Mai's question about whether he knew what it felt like to die
  • Lin's not an onmyouji but a Chinese style spell-caster of some sort.
  • Learn the two different ways of summoning spirits; those that become possessed by the spirit vs the spirit as an entity being called
  • When Lin calls spirits, he literally calls the spirit and therefore needs very specific information about the spirit to be called
  • discover that Madoka's case was actually to expose Minami Psychic Investigators and the fake Oliver Davis they've been parading around
  • Dream!Naru cheers Masako up while she's trapped by Urado
  • Masako tells Mai that she's been ordering the spirits to stay away but she's tired
  • Mai gives Masako her key for luck
  • Lin has shiki
  • Mai can do astral travel
  • After Masako disappears, Naru goes through her things and is later found to have been holding on to her comb
  • Madoka comments "you were that worried about her."
  • Mai tries to get information about Naru and Lin from Madoka but doesn't succeed. Madoka tells her that Naru's not necessarily secretive, but he has reasons for hiding things right now.

Story 6: Akuryou to Yobanaide! (File 8)

  • Naru's address and phone number are complete unknowns
  • Naru's not very familiar with Tokyo so it's unlikely he was born and raised there
  • Naru's school-aged but doesn't appear to attend school
  • At work he's either reading or studying maps
  • Naru's parents weren't necessarily against his working as he does
  • Naru hired Mai because "she's cheap and I can work her hard"
  • Mai and Taka aren't allowed to answer the phone and they aren't allowed to touch the mail. Lin checks the mail first
  • They're not allowed to clean the manager's office or go in there without permission
  • office money matters is apparently off-limits
  • Naru's blood type A; born Sept 19th
  • discover Naru lied about there having been a previous part-timer at the office
  • Naru's always in a bad mood when he returns from his trips (All the above are from a review knowledge on Naru and Lin scene at the office with Mai, Ayako, Bou-san, Taka, and Chiaki
  • (Lin's been teaching Chiaki how to use her PK and she's regained her ability to the point where she can bend spoons again)
  • Taka's job is office work; mostly clipping things from magazines/newspapers and filing them
  • Mai handles the clients and is investigative staff
  • Bou-san and Ayako speculate that someone might be being extremely kind to Mai by hiring her and that her job was almost too good to be true (paid despite doing very little work, can work whatever hours she likes, free time at the office can be used how she likes (ex. for homework), etc.)
  • Hazuki's kaimyou: zengetsuin rakugoku dounyou--dounyou is something added for girls; rakugoku~hell; zengetsu--someone who is overly fearful of things, the getsu (tsuki) was taken from Hazuki's name, therefore the kaimyou is for her.
  • Naru and Lin are vegetarians and fast? purify themselves? while on an investigation (eat no animal protein and drink no alcohol to purify the body)
  • Naru starts to face off against the spirit but Lin stops him
  • Naru is much stronger than Lin in a fight to the death
  • Lin has 5 shiki
  • Dream!Naru tells Mai he's been showing her how to enter dreams.
  • learn the three types of possessing spirits--1. the ones next to people that eat their energy causing bad luck or ill health. These spirits run when psychics come near. 2. the ones that cling to the person. They whisper bad thins to the person, impel people to desire outrageous things. Again not too difficult to get rid of. If the possessed person can firm their will, even without calling a psychic, they can get rid of it. 3. the worst kind is like the one possessing Naru. People normally don't do what they don't want to. ex. even with very powerful hypnotic suggestion, if you impel a person to commit suicide or murder, if they absolutely don't want to, they won't. Psychological resistance becomes too powerful and they wake up. So in Naru's case, he's no longer in a position to fight back mentally. The spirit's deep inside acting like a parasite. Possessing spirits possess people when there's some wavering in the person's spirit, ex. when they're worried, depressed, or unwell. When a person's healthy, optimistic etc, spirits don't come near. Naru's the type of person that spirits most hate--he has a strong shell, is stubborn, has absolute confidence in himself, and doesn't get depressed. Since the spirit possessing Naru has managed to get in him well, the psychological strength that should go to protecting Naru is instead now being diverted to the parasitising spirit and protecting it. Exorcisms are competitions of will between the exorcist and the spirit, so the one with greater strength would win. Between Naru and John, it would be difficult for John to win.
  • Masako was invited by the ASPR to a seance where she went to a sacred Indian burial ground.
  • the kuji is originally something to protect oneself with. What Ayako taught Mai is the quick version and normally the kuji is done much more slowly. When Ayako does it during her prayer, it's to keep evil spirits from approaching and interfering. With the kuji, if at the end, one uses the blade hand position and go sweeping through the centre of the kuji, and putting their spirit in it, it can be used as a type of attack. Ayako thinks reciting chants or using items is a type of ceremony to build up ones energy and that there might not be real meaning to them. People who misremember a chant can still do things despite the mistake.
  • Ayako explains about kikou to Mai and Mai wonders if it's a type of PK. Ayako agrees it's possible. Those who are exceptional at kikou can do amazing things like crush boulders, bend iron bars, cure cancer... and some can even use it to exorcise spirits. They realise Naru might be able to use kikou since he also keeps to the purification while on an investigation, and Mai remembers the manhole incident at Kasai's school. They wonder about why Lin told Naru to stop when facing the thing that looked like a fox spirit and whether there's a reason he's not supposed to use it
  • Lin's shiki is sent flying when Kazuyasu tries to break into where Naru is.
  • Bou-san calls Yasuhara for help--Y comes from where he's working part-time as a bell boy at a resort in Okinawa.
  • Yasuhara hires some extra help in both the Noto Hanto area and in Kanazawa when investigating the Yoshimi family, Lin agrees SPR will pay those expenses. ^^;
  • Takigawa was injured and bleeding when fighting the zombies. Yasuhara dressed the wound. "You're a guy right? Bear with it." "As of today, I'm gonna be a girl."
  • Naru's absolutely livid when he wakes after the spirit has left him. He was so angry, Yasuhara and Masako both wondered if he was still possessed at first
  • When Naru decides to take care of Okobu-sama, Bou-san and John agree to go. Lin tells Naru that he doesn't think it's something he could win against. When Bou-san tells Naru that while he'll do his best, he thinks Naru should do as Lin said, Naru says "I don't need weaklings." Yasuhara is the first to decide he'll go as well against Bou-san's wishes and convinces the girls to go as well. Y reminds them of Bou-san's (and John's) wounds from the night and that they would probably need to be carried back. (John had a deep slash on the arm; neither wound is likely to have stopped bleeding yet)
  • Masako borrows clothes from Mai in order to go down to the cave
  • Masako's embarrassed to learn that she's been calling Mai by name more and more. Mai noticed it and is very happy; Masako hadn't been aware of it.
  • When fighting Okobu-sama, Y ends up breaking some ribs when he's thrown against the cave wall
  • Mai's mother died from shock (due to blood loss) after being in an accident
  • Lin taught Naru kikou so what N does looks like it, but it isn't kikou; Naru caused poltergeist manifestations as a child. Lin says that if Naru failed to get rid of Okobu-sama,, N would likely have died of indignation.
  • Naru's hospital room clearly shows his name "Shibuya Kazuya"
  • When N regained consciousness, he went and apologised to Bou-san first.

Story 7: Akuryou Datte Heiki! (part 1)

  • 16 days after being hospitalised, Naru checks himself out; Lin is seen paying cash for Naru's bill; Ayako realises that Naru mustn't have health insurance, not even public coverage
  • While watching everyone take care of Naru's things in checking out, Mai realises that they're all like a big family. Bou-san--father, Ayako--mother, Lin-san--difficult uncle, extremely generous oldest son--John, very responsible second son--Yasuhara, easy-going daughter--Mai, precocious daughter--Masako, and Naru's the extremely spoiled youngest child (even though he's older than Mai and Masako)
  • Naru's parents never once came to visit him while he was in the hospital
  • since on the way to the peninsula, they took the southern route through the Hida area, they decide to take the more northerly route home via Niigata, Hakuba and Matsumoto.
  • on the way back, Masako and Ayako were fighting over who would ride in the van (with Lin and Naru) but Naru ended it before it really began when he asked if Masako wanted to ride in the van with them
  • Ayako's in a bad mood and is a very dangerous back-seat driver even going so far as to grab the wheel; as a result the group ends up getting lost on the way to Matsumoto
  • In order to get back onto a main road, the group turn around at a campground. After returning to the main road, the van, which is now leading, stops suddenly and Naru gets out and stares in shock at the view
  • Naru tells everyone else to return to Tokyo and tells Mai she needs to find herself a new job; he'll be closing the office when he returns to Tokyo. Naru refuses to explain his reasons for this
  • Bou-san gives up on this summer and takes a vote on which members wish to remain over-ruling Naru's request that everyone go. Mai hesitates, but Masako tells Mai to say she will stay or she'll never see Naru again. Everyone remains
  • The only place to stay is at the campground they'd just passed, and when asked, it's discovered that Ayako can cook, Mai can cook simple things and Masako can't cook.
  • Mai realises that she doesn't have anyone's contact information and that they've all been able to see one another thanks to the office
  • Mai asks Masako why she'd said Mai wouldn't be able to see Naru again and asks if it only applied to Mai, but Masako says that it applies to herself as well.
  • After telling Bou-san that breakfast was ready, Mai and Bou-san overhear Lin telling Naru "they'll leave there in the next two to three days" and that he's arranged for divers to come ASAP and they'd arrive that afternoon.
  • discover that Bou-san has his diver's license although he's never once used it
  • Mai hears from some uni-aged people that the divers are searching for a dead body in the lake; she runs into Naru and asks if that's true. Naru confirms it and eventually admits they're looking for his older brother's body.
  • Bou-san gets confirmation from Lin about Naru's older brother. When asked what happened Lin says that he was in an accident and killed but that he didn't know much of the details--Naru didn't like talking about it much.
  • Ayako asks Lin how Naru knew the body was in the lake, but Lin wouldn't give a clear answer, just saying that Naru knew (and that he hadn't killed his brother).
  • The village leader approach SPR about investigating a local school building that was closed five years ago in May. The village leader claims there are rumours of people seeing ghosts there and doesn't want those sorts of rumours to jeapordise a potential resort project for the area. When asked if there were any accidents or deaths involving the school or people associated with it, the village leader denied any such occurrences.
  • Bou-san asks double-checking about the date of the school closure with the village leader thinking it a bit odd a time to close a school
  • Naru agrees to the case but refuses to allow staying overnight; he also states that the investigation will only continue dependent on his own situation with the lake search
  • First impression of the school building: it was creepy and looked like it might come crashing down on them; they set up mics outside the building
  • Bou-san comments that investigating the school building really brought back memories reminding Mai of how the original group first met
  • learn that Bou-san could see spirits before but was no longer able to
  • Yasuhara comments on how everyone associated with the office has their secrets
  • After setting up their equipment, Naru and Yasuhara both comment that something's very unusual. The village leader himself came to request the investigation saying there were rumours of ghosts appearing. However, when they'd asked locals about it, none of them had heard of such rumours.
  • When the wind picks up, Mai and Yasuhara go to check on the equipment. Mai thinks she hears a voice. They hurry with their work leaving the area; the place gave Mai the creeps
  • Using the entry to the school as a shelter, the group settle down to have some drinks. The girls hand out cups for each person: John--penguin, Naru--fox, Lin--cow, Yasuhara--crab, Bou-san--dinosaur (tricerotops), Mai--Keroppi (frog), Ayako--rabbit,
  • Bou-san, Yasuhara and Masako go to town to buy supplies and investigate while the others remain at the school. While they're away it starts to rain and the people at the school are forced to bring in the equipment before it gets wet. By the time Mai and the others get all the equipment in, they're completely soaked. They close the door to the school to keep the wind out.
  • Naru considers calling it a day, but they need to wait for everyone else to get back. He gets up to retrieve his file from the van but discovers the door won't open. John, Naru and Lin try to open the door together, but it doesn't open.
  • When Ayako tries to break the glass next to the door with a bottle, only the bottle breaks. The group decides to check out the building for a different route out; Naru and Lin on the first floor; Mai, John and Ayako take the second floor. However, the stairs to the second floor are blocked off by plywood sheeting on the first landing. They discover a door in the sheeting, and John goes through to check the first window in the hallway. The window doesn't open.
  • The upstairs threesome go down and report to Naru who's still in the midst of checking out windows in the hallway.
  • They decide to try a more forceful means of getting out and Lin grabs a chair from a nearby classroom. John blesses the chair sprinkling holy water on it. Lin smashes the chair against the window. The chair splinters but the window remains intact. Mai tries to pass her hand through the empty pane and has no problems, but when taking a stick to the remaining panes, they don't move or break. They're completely locked in.
  • Reviewing the info while waiting for the others to return Naru realises that the others who said they'd heard no rumours of anything may have been told to keep quiet and that there was a big problem with the school; something major enough to make everyone stay quiet because their livelihoods were on the line
  • Naru decides to investigate the school building again and in one classroom, they discover a small box full of debris/dust with a chain; at the end of the chain is a collar still closed in a circle. After discovering a bone inside the pile of debris Naru realises that there was something unusual about the closing of the school. Had it been a regular closure, there's no way a dog would've been left behind in the classroom. And even if it had, it wouldn't have remained quietly in its box as it starved to death.
  • In the next room, they discover 18 desks neatly laid out suggesting there were 18 students. According to the village leader, 14 students transferred when the dam was built and the school closed shortly thereafter. Ayako and John discover the students books and pencils still inside the desks. On the board, the name of the student to take care of the day's responsibilities can barely be made out: May 18 Takeuchi Ai
  • Mai finds the attendance record on the teacher's desk and after counting the dates, discovers that attendance ended on May 16th.
  • They find notes that there was a school trip planned for May 17th and that the students fought a bit over bus seating. John, Ayako, and Mai speculate that something happened to the students--perhaps a bus accident--resulting in their deaths such that the school had to close. Naru wonders about the fact that all the students' belongings were still left in their desks rather than being given to the students' families, and that the animals had been left behind
  • The members start to wonder if the talk about a resort was even true as the land didn't look like anything of the sort was being planned for. They then wonder if others who entered the school also became trapped like they were.
  • Mai hears a voice coming from the second floor and Lin goes to investigate leaving the others on the landing. However, as he disappears beyond the door there's an incredibly loud noise and a shock that runs through the building. Mai's knocked off her feet as the effect is felt again and the door to the second floor closes. Lin doesn't respond to their calls and Naru decides they'll all go look for Lin. Upstairs they discover a small amount of fresh blood but no Lin.
  • Naru tells the others to always remain in sight of one another and that if anything should happen they should grab another person's arm or their clothes, and that they're never to be on their own.
  • They hear Bou-san and the others return and their approach towards the entry. As they try to get to the entrance, something interferes with them making headway difficult
  • By the time they get downstairs, Bou-san and the others are inside, and the door closed. They discover that the door won't open again and also realise Ayako's missing. When they go upstairs, dolls and flowers made from tissue paper adorn the walls and there are letters cut from gold paper on the wall spelling out "Congratulations Ayako-chan"
  • restarting a fire in the entranceway (which is made of concrete) Yasuhara reports on what he discovered while in town saying that they'd been deceived. There were some people who would talk in town, but all they'd say was to stay away from the school building.
  • Checking the local library, Yasuhara checked all the newspapers from 5 years ago in May and quickly discovered the cause--a major landslide that took out several cars and houses including a school bus on a fieldtrip. In total there were 26 dead and 11 injured. The death tally includes 18 students, 1 teacher, the bus driver, the guide, 2 cars also caught in the slide where both drivers died, and 3 people living in houses also caught in the slide. As a result the school lost all its students at once. The dam was built the following year.
  • After the accident, the school ended up closing and a memorial was held. However problems started to arise after all that. According to some young folks at the library, there's a rumour that the elementary kids were lonely and trying to get more friends and that kids vanishing in the area was very common. From June five years ago, a child would go missing every three to four months, but this completely stopped in Oct. two years ago. They realise that since the village leader asked them to investigate that most likely the disappearances hadn't stopped but had stopped being reported in the papers. Before returning to the school, Yasuhara asked one of the locals if the child who disappeared recently had been found yet, and the person asked why he wanted to know; he didn't ask "what disappearance".
  • Originally, for the first year of disappearances, the bodies of all the children were found. After that, they were not. Yasuhara reports the name of the place the children disappeared, and when asked if it's the same place as they were currently, Yasuhara confirms that was the case--Mai gets confused and loses track of the conversation and report here...
  • Naru explains: five years ago in May the entire school body died in an accident and children started disappearing a month later. The children's bodies were all found at the school. Since it was following such a major tragedy and the school was closed, the area location was reported instead. After a year of having the bodies discovered in the same place, locals realised something strange was going on and that it might bring unwanted attention, so they decided against reporting any further body discoveries. Alternatively, they pretended the bodies didn't exist, or they hid them.
  • Since bodies haven't been found for the past four years, John realises that they could still be in the school building. Naru decides they'll look for the bodies--if the spirits have been hiding them, there's a chance that Lin and Ayako will be there.
  • In one classroom, Mai notices something strange with the ceiling and points it out to Naru. The ceiling panels were stained and bulged strangely, and as she watched she could make out insects flying in the area. Bou-san climbs on a desk and taps a ceiling panel with a stick causing a massive swarm of flies to take flight. Bou-san looks for the panel that opens in the ceiling, and when he moves it a powerful rotting stench wafts down from the ceiling. Bou-san decides to look inside the ceiling space, and deciding that looking in with a lighter might not be wise, Naru uses a window pane from the hall (looking into a classroom) and uses it to reflect light from the window to the ceiling. Naru has John take Masako and Mai out to the hallway and has Yasuhara go with them. Naru suggests against using a lighter and also suggests against breathing the air inside the ceiling space to Bou-san.
  • Neither Ayako nor Lin were up there but Bou-san saw something he probably would never otherwise get to see.
  • A sound comes from the ceiling and one of the ceiling panels slide to one side and something falls from above...
  • John forces the others to retreat to a place where they can't see into the classroom.
  • Bou-san covers the body with a gym mat; the body was of an adult.
  • Bou-san thinks he saw a gaki up in the ceiling space--a dead person's spirit or a demon; in Buddhism, it's the spirit of someone who's done great evil in life and enter the gaki path where they take on a starved body and needle thin neck such that food won't go down. If they try to force food down, the food bursts into flames and becomes inedible.
  • Yasuhara pours tea for everyone including the missing Lin and Ayako showing how flustered he is over events. Joking with Bou-san, he comments that he hoped to become wonderful old man like Takigawa-san. Bou-san comments that would be creepy and that he should cut it out showing that he did consider himself older rather than getting mad at Yasuhara for suggesting he was old. Any way you look at it, I'm #1 in Japan--that's Fuji-san. Any way you look at it, I'm a follower of Momotarou--that's Kiji-san. Any way you look at it, I'm breakfast--that's a croissant.
  • After Bou-san and Yasuhara-san stop joking around, a small hand reaches for the rabbit cup. Mariko-chan takes her cup and says that the cow cup is Takato-kun's. Mai has a moment of uncertainty where Bou-san asks her if she's out of it; she then hands the cup to Takato-kun.
  • Naru comments that the dropping of the body from the ceiling was probably an attempt by the spirits to get everyone to panic and try to escape, thus making everyone split up and cause someone to disappear, but it didn't work. Bou-san laughs at Naru asking how people were going to disappear. Mai begins to comment that people had already disappeared--Lin and A... When Mariko asks who Lin is. Mai can't remember, and everyone else makes fun of her. She then forgets the name she'd said.
  • Naru suggests setting a ward in the entranceway, but Bou-san suggests it'd be a waste of time since they'd have to go out into the school sooner or later to exorcise the spirits. Naru agrees.
  • Watching John playing with the kids, Mai can't help feeling something is wrong and Yasuhara shares that feeling. As they all go down the hall looking for something to try breaking through the wall, Yasuhara suddenly stops. He asks Mai why there are two cars. That instant the classroom wall bursts into flames engulfing Yasuhara
  • The flames die down a few moments later, leaving no signs of burning or smoke
  • Mai and Masako are in tears when Bou-san scolds them for crying over a sudden fire which leaves no trace of itself. As Naru, Bou-san, and John discuss ways to exorcise the spirits, Mai and Masako wonder why they cried so much over a sudden fire.
  • Mai stares out the window and sees the two vehicles and wonders who drove--Bou-san and... John says he did
  • Tsugumi-kun tells Mai he dropped some money upstairs and asks her for help to look for it. Naru tells her she's not to go wandering about on her own so Masako goes with her.
  • Tsugumi-kun's given a choice of going with Masako or not at all. When Masako gets up to leave Bou-san tries to follow but Tsugumi-kun tells him he's not allowed to come too since it as a promise that it would only be him and Masako.
  • Masako goes upstairs with the three kids, and four children come down.
  • The members decide to purify each room one at a time
  • Naru admits he can't do warding spells but if push came to shove, he'd do something. The others remind him there's no way to call an ambulance out to where they were.
  • Naru's left with Mai; John with the kids
  • Bou-san doesn't feel any response to his purification of the first room and asks Mai if she sensed anything; she denies any knowledge since she's currently awake. She then wonders how they'd managed all this time if they had to depend on her being able to fall asleep
  • Realising that something wasn't quite right, they decide to return to where they left John.
  • At the bottom of the stairs, Mariko-chan, Tsugumi-kun, Takato-kun, Mika-chan, and Ai-chan are waiting for Bou-san, Naru, and Mai's return. Mai stops Bou-san and Naru from going down to the kids as she realises they would never leave the children on their own like that. Mai and Bou-san wouldn't because of their personality; Naru wouldn't because he's too cautious. She grabs both of them by their clothes and starts to drag them back upstairs. When Bou-san protests Mai asks why there are two cars outside; she and Naru can't get their license yet.
  • Naru realising something's wrong grabs Mai by the arm and starts to drag her upstairs while Bou-san recites a mantra; the children's bodies stretch grabbing Bou-san wrapping him in darkness. Bou-san throws his tokkosho for Naru. Mai picks it up
  • Naru and Mai return to the room Bou-san had purified earlier and try to remember what they were forgetting: They were asked by the village leader to exorcise the school building and asked the kids for directions...
  • As they think things through they realise they must've had another psychic downstairs of equal ability as Bou-san with the kids--John. However Mai didn't remember him ever driving. They realise that with five children downstairs, adding John in with them and Bou-san would make for a total of nine people. Naru realises that there were originally five others and no children.
  • Naru realises that everything was being caused by Kirishima Yuuki--the student's teacher who'd been killed in the slide
  • Naru decides they needed to exorcise the teacher's spirit, but exorcising it would be difficult; he suggests Mai try talking to the spirit instead and get it to let go and move on. Naru suggests they go downstairs and he'll hypnotise her to make it easier for her to enter a trance. He takes her left hand and starts to go for the door when Mai asks Naru if the others are all right. He doesn't know. Mai realises she's still holding Bou-san's tokkosho and hands it to Naru saying Bou-san threw it for him.
  • Naru takes the tokkosho and comments that he'd apparently under-estimated Bou-san and there was still time.
  • The two start downstairs whe something jumps in front of Mai causing her to slip and fall on the stairs. During the fall, she ended up letting go of Naru's hand.
  • She quickly takes his hand again but Mai can't move as Naru's voice goes further away. She realises whoever's hand she's holding can't be Naru's as his arm would have to stretch over 2m to reach her on the stairs as he went down to the first floor.
  • Mai quickly shakes off the seven children's hands that try to grab her and runs back to the room she'd just come from--she's all alone and there's no one to help her enter a trance.
  • Taking deep breaths and closing her eyes she tries to calm herself. She looks around the room and sees red light shimmering everywhere and realises it's the remnants of Bou-san's power in cleansing the room.
  • Mai realises she's not alone. Looking around, she sees a bright white light coming from below the floor and realises it's from Lin's protective charm he'd put on the wall they'd created earlier
  • Turning, she finds Naru smiling as he says he's glad she was finally able to fall asleep and that it was time to get started...

Story 7: Akuryou Datte Heiki (part 2)

Story 8: Akumu ga Sumu Ie


  1. So far only to the end of what the anime covers. It's late and I'm going to bed. :P
  2. Completed updating books 1-3
  3. Heiki part 1

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