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Shadow [userpic]

Snippets and Chara Bk

March 13th, 2004 (01:38 pm)

Boy is it windy out there! The house keeps creaking! In any case, we've been rolling right along with the FB fortune telling. Two more sections left to part 2 of the fortune telling but some of it's hard to decipher. I hate that round script they use in the book, it makes it hard to read the characters and even worse is trying to decipher the strokes and radicals for the kanji characters to figure out what it's even saying! >_<

Otherwise, snippets... I'll have to hunt down the rest of the tankou and see about pulling any other little mini talks before chapters. Author notes too for that matter although they are a pain to scribble down. >_< I think the mini-talks are done for the first four volumes now although I definitely need to double check. Vol 2 didn't have anything or did I simply not find the book to check?

In any case a rather quiet day today. Ended up making Welsh cakes I believe they were. Interesting although a bit heavy. I prefer scones but I'm definitely not good at making them. I'm much better at handling bread doughs than biscuit style doughs. But in any case, I should try going to bed early for once. All these late nights are making for some lovely bags and shadows. >_