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GH snippets

March 30th, 2007 (05:32 pm)
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Ignore me while I wail over constant hunger. *whiiiiiiiiinnnnnneeee* It seems someone turned off my off switch so I'm constantly hungry and grazing. >.<;; My explanation is that it's spring. >.>

But! Tea! ^o^ Yasuhara-san's such a character. ^^;; I've also included the snippet of the scene just before Bou-san goes into his long roundabout revelation of who Naru is. I guess there are no real spoilers here...? ^^;

Dragging Naru and Lin out for tea: Cutting in from when Mai and Bou-san are having another clingy scene. ^^;

M: "...Yeah, humans are creatures that grow up. Although sometimes they go bad too."

B: "That's what's interesting about people. I like your optimistic attitude, Mai."

"Me too~. I like you, Bou-san~."

Hug the guy. *snuggles*

"You guys are so embarrassing......"

"Ah, Ayako, you're jealous. We'll include you, too. Come here."

"No way."

(M) "You're not honest with yourself. But I like you even though you're that way."

(B) "Me too~."

(A) "Cut that out."

(M) "I like you~"

(B) "You~"

(A) "Stop it!"

"Ah, she's red."

"My, she's embarrassed."

"She is."

"You guys..."

Amidst that commotion, Masako suddenly exclaimed, "Aa".
Yasuhara-san stood.


He quickly opening the screen door, and stepping out, Naru and Lin were about to pass by in front of the terrace. Since the bungalow Naru and Lin were using was a little further in back, they had to pass by here to go to the water's edge.

"......You're just in time. Are you in a hurry?"

Naru looked at him inquiringly, "We're not in a hurry, but we're not completely free either."

"There's something I wanted to ask you. Could I take a bit of your time?"


"Now would be better."

......Something he wants to ask?

"All right."

"In that case, please come in."

"Can we not take care of it here?"

"It's a bit complicated a question. I'm sorry. --Lin-san, too, I'd like to ask you something, so please come in."

Naru and Lin-san exchanged glances. We were doing the same. Just what was going on?

The two quickly went around from the terrace to the entrance.

"Please, have a seat."

Yasuhara-san had us move over and make space for the two of them. He then had Naru and Lin-san sit there, and with a serious expression, he sat down facing them.

"......Now then."

I wonder what he's going to ask?

"Which would you prefer: Darjeeling or Earl Grey tea?"

Naru frowned slightly.

"Never mind tea, your question--."

"Like I said, which would you like? Would you like it hot or iced? How strong would you like it? Would you like some milk with it or would you like lemon? Or would you prefer cambric tea or chai? Or would you like it scented with apple? We have cookies and cold butter cake, but which would you prefer? Would you like both?"


"See, it's rather complicated, isn't it?"

Yasuhara-san smiled while Naru sighed.

"That's your question?"

"That's my question."

At that serious, prompt response, Naru gave a deeper sigh.

"......Anything's fine."

Whoa~. He managed to get Naru and Lin-san out for tea.

"You're good. That's the Echigoya for you."

"Talk about crafty."

"He's the master of pick ups."


And... during tea, Mai gets angry at Naru over refusing to answer any questions about what was going to end up happening under the circumstances...

"It's a waste of time," Naru stated and stood.

"Sometime it's necesssary to waste time in life."

Yasuhara-san smiled as he leaned against the front door.


"Not at all. I just happen to really like this door."

"Would you please move from there for a moment?"

"I'm passionately in love with this door at the moment, so no."

Naru glanced at Lin-san. "We could force our way past."

"It would hurt to have you force your way past."

Well yeah, after all, Yasuhara-san's ribs are still broken.

"I think it'll just make his injuries worse."

"That wouldn't be good. If you made it worse, we might have to call an ambulance. And if I accidentally let slip that Lin-san beat me up, the police would end up coming too."

"In these circumstances, you'd be the assailant."

"That's even worse still," Yasuhara-san said with his patent honours student smile. "Let's do this peacefully. I'd hate to see my brilliant record tarnished, not to mention you'd hate to have everything come completely out in the open because the police came to take your statement, right?"

Naru sighed.

"......I don't think it's something to get so worked up over."

Bou-san smiled wryly. "Well, that's you're assumption. People don't like it when unsatisfactory explanations remain that way, y'know?"

Naru sighed and faced Bou-san. He folded his arms and leaned against the glass partition.

"Five minutes."

"That's stingy. I want 30."

"Fifteen minutes."

Bou-san grinned.

"Okay, fifteen minutes."


Posted by: The Hamster Of Death (vampyrichamster)
Posted at: March 31st, 2007 09:14 am (UTC)

TEA! I cannot not like characters that like tea! :)

Yasuhara is definitely a match for Naru, wit for wit and one-liner for one-liner. I really like him. Under completely different circumstances, he might even be a better match for Mai, I think.

Thank you!

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