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GH excerpt (Yasuhara's school case)

As mentioned, here's a partially translated, partially summarised version of what happened in the scene where Mai changes the video during the case at Yasuhara's school (Forbidden Games).

The scene where Mai goes to change the tape for the camera starts after nightfall when Naru tells her to go to the language lab to change the tape. In the lab, Mai goes to the lone camera and hits the eject button only to have nothing happen. Her flashlight then dies. She initially thinks it's a blackout only to quickly realise that blackouts don't affect flashlights and feels a chill run down her back. Feeling it unsafe, she runs out the door into the hallway and sees the green emergency light at the end of the hall. She then runs over to the light and throwing open the door, she runs out into the next hallway. The hallway there is short, but has windows all along one side. At the end of the hall is another door under the exit light with a window in the door. There, she sees the silhouette of a child pressed against the window and Mai realises that there's no way that a child would be in a high school so late at night on its own...

Terrified, I jerked open the door I'd just come through and as it closed I saw the other door open. Right next to the door are the stairs and I ran up the stairs to the second floor, and quickly turning on the landing, I continued up towards the third floor. Grabbing the handrail, I looked up and froze. At the top of the landing under the exit light was a small silhouette. A small child was looking down at me from the third floor landing. Frightened, I ran back down to the second floor and leaps for the door. I whirled to face the stairs as I start to open the door only to jump away. Outside the door was light. And there was a black shadow there. It was about as high as my stomach, had thin arms and thin legs. It was obviously a child's silhouette. But are children's heads so large?!

I retreated slowly. The child remained still. I retreated a second step, a third... the child raised its hand for the door handle and I turned and ran down the dark hall. Behind me, I could hear the door open. was chasing me.

I was out of breath. I stumbled.

Where is everyone?

Was no one around?

Faint light shone in through the windows illuminating the hallway. On both sides was window. Window. Window.

I felt like I wasn't making any headway.

So I turned around. The moment I did I felt like my knees would give way.

It's there.

A child's shadow was slowly walking this way from the door.

I ran. I could see the emergency light at the end of the hall nearby.

My heart skipped a beat.

The green light of the emergency light. Someone was there right beneath it.

Someone? Naturally, a child. It was hugging its knees crouched on the floor. Even though it was being illuminated by the green light, it was black as night.

I whirled around.

There too...... a child's shadow.

It was walking slowly this way. I thought I could faintly hear the sounds of children's laughter.

......What should I do?!

I was right in front of a classroom door at that time. Jumping for the door, I ran inside. As I ran inside, I could see the sign "Biology Prep Lab" on the door.

Were the blinds closed inside, or were there no windows in there in the first place? It was so dark inside I couldn't tell which it was.

Closing the door I fell to the floor there. With my hand shaking I searched along the inside; the key was there. A simple lock where you straighten a bent key and stuck it in the lock. [<-- I have no idea what sort of lock that is...] It was better than not having anything at all. With my hand shaking, I locked the door, and I finally relaxed.

......I'm okay.

I should be okay now.

I was panting and had a stitch in my side. My ears were ringing from my own racing pulse. I was panting so hard my throat hurt. I stayed there like that for a while, hugging my knees.

......What should I do? I've been locked in. I wonder if anyone's nearby.

Once my breathing calmed, I listened--were there any voices? Was anyone's presence nearby?

Suddenly there was a small clatter.

I jumped up. Bumping into the door, the door made a loud noise.

*katan* ...... *koto*

The sound of something hard moving. Nearby. Most likely, inside this room!

Where? My legs wouldn't move any more. As though paralysed, my arms and legs wouldn't do as I wanted.

*kata* ...... *koto*

It's near. Somewhere, inside the room...... somewhere above. Opposite of where I was on the other side of the room.

I peered into the dark. I could barely make out the form of shelves. There are shelves in here. On both sides of the room. The sound came from on top of the shelves.


Following that small sound, the sound of something breaking could be heard.


It sounded like glass breaking. Along with it was a sharp sweetish smell.

......This is.......

I jumped for the door.

The smell of formaldehyde!

Removing the key, I shook the door. It wouldn't budge.

Behind me more glass could be heard breaking. Small droplets spattered my legs. The smell of formaldehyde grew stronger.

"Naru! Naru!! Someone!!"

Is anyone there?! Someone; anyone at all! Let me out of here!

The sound of glass breaking could be heard again.

And the sweet smell grew stronger still. My head was spinning.

Is anyone there?! Help me!

Formaldehyde! The things inside the bio prep lab in jars of formaldehyde!

No! Noooo!

The sounds of glass breaking continued behind me. I could barely breathe because of the smell of formaldehyde. My ears rang. Dizzy and nauseous.

The ground wavered, and the floor hit me.

......No, wrong.

I...... hit the floor......




A breeze goes by.

The night breeze. I felt like I was being blown on the wind. I felt like I was drifting on that slightly damp breeze.

......Although it wasn't a definite feeling.

I opened my eyes.

It was dark around me...... the breeze was blowing, and I was in the midst of that, like a bubble that became round and was floating. That's how I felt.

Somewhere beneath me was white light. I could see faint white light that was gentle on the eyes. I could feel it.

Turning my attention to that light, and vision returned. Beneath me was the school.

......Of all things, I was floating in the air.

The school looked transparent in the darkness. Inside the school were will-o-the-wisps--dark flames were burning. I couldn't help being surprised. There weren't many. All those white hitodama that had been floating about had decreased so much. Even those dark will-o-the-wisps have decreased in number so much. There were four terrifyingly large ones. And there were a few smaller ones......

As I tried to determine the location, right before my eyes, the hitodama continued being eaten.

Even the ones that looked like will-o-the-wisps, would waver about and get sucked in and engulfed by the large will-o-the-wisps.

Even as I watched like this, the numbers dwindled.

In the back of my mind I could see the image of Sakauchi-kun getting eaten again.

......Scared. Creepy.

Not wanting to see it, I looked away and saw people's shadows on the second floor of the east wing.

......I was there. A second floor classroom. Inside a small room. I could see that I was there.

I was lying on the floor, and there were people standing around me. Ayako, and Bou-san, Masako, and that's John, that's Lin-san that's Yasuhara-san, and then Naru......

Ayako was shaking me. Bou-san stops her. The bio prep lab. The liquid spread on the floor. The grotesque things scattered in that. The things shining in there are shards of glass. I'm this far away, yet can see it so clearly......

Naru and Lin-san say something to one another. And then Lin-san puts his hands beneath me and picks me up.

......Darn. I prefer Naru~.

That's what I thought, but my forty-some kilos would be a bit hard for Naru's slender arms.

......My body gets carried away--solemnly. To the nurse's office on the first floor.


Wait a minute, hey!

Isn't this bad?!

Me floating here like this and watching others carry my body away?!

--Wait! I'm not, by chance, dead?!

That's crazy, crazy, crazy.

No way. I don't want to die yet.

There're still looooots of things I want to do.

My body lying on the bed in the nurse's office. Naru looks at me (my body that is) and touches my cheek. His face is th-th-th-that close~. ......Wrong.

He's saying something.

What? I can't hear.





A hand pats me lightly on the cheek. Extremely long lashed eyes, right before mine.

Those eyes suddenly moved away and a hand hits me lightly on the forehead.

"Are you awake?"

I looked around me. Naru's face was close enough to make my heart pound. Behind him peering this way were Bou-san and Ayako, Masako and John, Yasuhara-san and Lin-san.


"How do you feel?"

Naru sat lightly on the bed.


*pat* He hit me on the forehead again.

"......I'm alive," I said faintly and everyone exhaled slightly.

"Of course you are." Naru glared at me slightly. "You breathed in formaldehyde and fainted. That's all. ......How do you feel?"


I think that's far enough for that scene. ^^;

Wow is that long! ^^;;
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