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Shadow [userpic]

Now what am I doing...

September 22nd, 2003 (01:35 pm)

Hmm... all sorts of little things apparently need to be taken care of still. Finished updating the GB archives though so I can probably look at fully killing the Geocities site now. I don't think anything else points that way anymore at least.

Otherwise, so many things are so muddled I'm starting to lose track of what's where and what I'm doing! I have to remember to reply to some e-mails! I'm sure that those who've written have given up any hope of getting a reply or anything. That plus I think there was a message asking a question about one of my translations a few days ago in the Mailing list. I still have to look up the chapter though to double check.

Things are looking pretty good otherwise (just not on the re-design side...) for the site. I must, must, *must* get an update icon for the board. This is getting silly otherwise. I'm going to have a calendar full of smug bunnies otherwise! In any case, time to update for the archive. Shall see about adding another chapter a bit later this week. Tsubasa still waits afterall, and I shouldn't let that sit too much longer.

Oh well, at the rate I'm going, the CD drama should be finished in another week or two. So that'll be one less thing to worry about. I wonder what it'd be like to... NO!! No more projects until some've been finished!

At least tomorrow should be another quiet day. Hopefully productive as well. ^_^