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Why I'm *not* supposed to do random surfing on the internet. >.< When I told the male parental and FSU...

FSU: We could go on a long weekend.
Me: Do you get a long weekend this year? *checks calendar* *nothing* ...You could take a day off.
FSU: We only really need one day and the other two to recover.
Me: ...... True... >.<

Male parental: We could drive
Me: Drive... as in from here?
MP: It's only 12 hours. We can stay there for a few days.
Me: ...Now?
MP: No, May. It's dangerous right now.
Me: No kidding. How many times has the highway been closed... was it near Revelstoke?
MP: Actually, the Roger's Pass is bad. I almost went off the road there because of snow.
Me: ...... So May, what're we going to do while we're there otherwise? Go golfing?
MP: ......
Me: Maybe we can do some day hiking over in Lynn Canyon or something?
MP: ......

*sigh* So maybe I'll fly out for a day trip, and promptly die (I've done that a couple times and promptly stopped when I realised how hard it is on the body), or maybe I'll end up driving out there for a shortish trip with nothing to do but shopping for... 3 days? Ack. >.>

Could be worse, now FSU wants new brakes for her birthday. >.> I'd rather buy her a flight ticket to Europe. It'd be cheaper and I never said whether it'd be one-way or round trip. >.>

And why does my computer keep giving me the install window for software and some updates in Japanese?! I just got an update notice for iTunes and something (Quicktime?) 7 from Apple in Japanese. You know, I prefer installing things on my computer in English? My DVD player... actually I don't know if this one's been region code set, but if it is, it'll be region 1. FSU's is R2. Which reminds me of something else, the DVD player might be dying. It refused to play D. Gray-man 2 today, so I watched it on FSU's computer for a couple hours. (ouch!) I'd rather not do that again. >.> How am I supposed to watch Saiun 8 or GH File 2...? Shall have to think about that.

Ugh, still stuffed from dinner. Maybe I'll walk to the bank tomorrow. The Canada Post guy robbed me of all my cash when I found out he couldn't use credit cards today. I didn't feel like hunting down my cheques, so now I have no cash. I don't think I have enough money even for a coffee right now. ^^;

*looks over post* Wow that's a lot whinier than I expected. ^^; Must be the lack of sleep last night and having to deal with a male parental who refused to *sit* when he couldn't even stand after coming home from the dentist. I let him in through the back door to the house only to hear a crash. He fell while taking off his shoes. He kept listing whenever he stood and I kept wanting to *tie him down* so he'd stay put. Honestly, the guy's a grown adult (presumably since he's supposedly my parent...), but you'd never know it from his behaviour sometimes. And I have to go through this again next week... >.>

Yeah, I'm definitely whiny today. >.>
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