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Shadow [userpic]

Chara Bk - Heart Group

March 12th, 2004 (01:30 pm)

Oh boy... all those thoughts about going back for those missing sections or working on the interview (okay I set up the pages for those but haven't actually written out the translations yet) and what do I do? Another section for the FB fortune telling section. ^_^;; Ah well, it's kinda fun to go through actually.

Otherwise, there's just so much to the Chara Bk. I never really realised it since so much is clips from the manga etc., but there's an incredible amount of text. I dunno what I'll work on next. More Chara bk or do some little snippets from the other volumes. The omake manga and comments might be fun to do and they're really short. I also still need to do the translation for Ch 47. It's only been sitting for the longest of times... Shall see. I can't believe tomorrow's Friday already! Time flies way too fast these days I can't keep up!

And on an unrelated note, got a call today; looks like the shop is out of their 50 bag box of Golden Jubilee blend of tea. >_< That's one of my current favourites, but I decided to go without and have them credit the account. I'd ordered seven other boxes of tea at the same time so I should have enough to tide me over for the season. Hopefully...

And something else completely unrelated... I'm starting to wonder if maybe I should try translating the CD skit for Skip Beat that was included in one of the recent issues of Hana to Yume. I really like Skip Beat although parts of the CD Drama was a bit hard to hear. Don't know if it's possible... don't know if people'd be interested... It was... different... LOL!