Shadow (kagedreams) wrote,

Kokumono 7-9 / GH 11-13 batch torrent releases

And... both torrent files are being released in the one post this time. ^^; Kokumono 7-9 is being released first and I'll post GH once Kokumono is fully set up. ^_^

Kokumono 7-9:

GH 11-13:

Many, many thanks to those helping seed! This wouldn't be possible without all your help! Hope folks enjoy the eps! ^o^

[Edited: Link for GH torrent is now up. Thank you for all your help! ^o^]

[Edit #2: Thanks everyone for all your help! (Sorry I've been a bit everywhere today rather than watching over things. ^^; ) BTW, umm... does Animesuki have a script that automatically corrects input errors? It looks like they listed the GH batch release as a Kokumono release today. ^^; ]
Tags: gh fansub, kokumono fansub, torrent

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